Monday, 13 February 2012

Oh and now it's raining

I quite like a little frosty weather. The higher temperatures now mean:

It took me a looooong time to get him to look like this:

And there is still a lot of mud on his mane and behind the ears.
I normally work him in-hand first and I didn't bother to groom him for that as I would have had to hose him off, ears the lot as he was caked in a still wet layers of mud. He has no shame this horse ;) If you think the headcollar is bad you should see his rug, it was twice it's normal weight with the muddy decorations on.
By trial and error I found part of the field where he wasn't ice-skating on mud and lunged him so he could practice his bending in trot. He was rather wild and I hope he never does under the saddle what he does on the lunge ;) The antics are much more exuberant on the right rein where he finds work difficult.
It's interesting to watch him searching for better balance. There are some really great moments and some really bad ones and I would love to see him on a reasonable surface as I think it would really help him.
The running about in the wind swept field helped to dry the mud on his head so it was possible to scrape it but I gave up with the rest and hosed off his legs, chest and belly.
Managed just in time as it started to rain ;)
We hacked out for 1h25min and he was fab except of the driveway/stones where he was ok but definitely looking for verges and softer surfaces.

As I am going to finally do my driving licence I thought I should take a note of all the important signs out there.


jenj said...

You have... frog crossings?

Do the frogs really cross there?

(RE the mud, I feel your pain. I have a white one that wants to be... not white. And he's a champion roller - can wriggle back and forth completely upside-down for minutes on end. My especial favorite is the mud dreadlocks in the mane. Those are *awesome*!)

S. Lauren said...

I love the frog sign! Never seen one of those signs before!

Wiola said...

jenj - I think this is something to do with frog migration/breeding? I guess it's also more for the drivers safety than poor frogs but I might be wrong.
Kingsley sported the mane dreadlocks today!

S.Lauren - I've spotted 2 so far! One on the photo and the other one near Richmond Park in London/Surrey.