Saturday, 10 November 2012

Come take a walk with me :)

This will be a very non-horse related post.
I am not into dreaming about "having things" (in fact, I was recently questioning my sanity and wondered how long can one go on for without seriously thinking about owning something, you know, like a bicycle or a bed or...a house maybe?) but one of the items I would love to have is a good digital camera. Snapping reality is as close as I get to it on day-to-day basis ;)

I would like to take you for a little journey through today with some colours, tastes and views in Braga and surroundings that I snapped today with my phone camera:

Colours is what fascinates me about autumn - the rich contrasts everywhere

History and tradition at every corner

The sky over Braga on late November afternoon

I looked at this fountain and saw what an incredible effect of infinity it creates...a little white whale swimming towards the mountains...mission impossible...

One of many Cafes in Braga - wonderful

Strong, delicious coffee made with honey, chicory and lots of other ingredients I don't remember. Amazing taste.  

Bought some eucalyptus honey to treat our throats after all the coughing courtesy of recent illness 

Hope you enjoyed this little trip :) Until next time!


Kate said...

How lucky you are to live in such a lovely location!

English Rider said...

Beautiful! Those sweeping staircases look as though built for a horse to parade up.

HorseOfCourse said...

Wonderful pictures Wiola. You have an eye for it!
And I agere with Kate, you are lucky to live there. Hope you are better, hugs!

Wiola said...

Kate - I feel very lucky to be able to be here :)

ER - yes, you almost want to see horses there!

Maria - thank you! Yes, much better but now I managed to share my flu with Rick :( Hugs xxx

Irene said...

Wonderful photos, Braga looks a beautiful place. x