Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Reading Through Own Past...An Experience of a special kind.

Seaside. 2009. 
Putting together a book from one's own blog-diary is an experience of a kind I haven't anticipated. Some things I wrote make me cringe ;) As the book has "Hindsight" chapters which I am writing in the presence and which look at my actions those 5 & 1/2 years later it is really surprisingly difficult journey. I am always of opinion that whatever big mistakes we make in life we should not regret them as at least it means we were trying to do something. However, when one looks back and sees how easily some things could have been done better and wiser, and with less stress and with a better outcome...well. It's interesting. Someone I met last year sent me a really nice email saying that she envies me the ability to make huge changes in my life. If anyone reads this and also thinks they would like to be able to make changes in their lives but are afraid to go ahead, I have only one advice worded much better in the video below:


The changes I made myself were far from easy and I wouldn't necessarily always say I made them to "follow my dreams". I prefer to think about my decisions not in terms of way to achieve dreams but way of living the life I really want to live... This unfortunately means being in trouble sometimes. Sometimes it means being on top of the world. Initially I thought about closing this blog once I am fully up and running with Aspire blog but I will keep it going for a while to chat about this Blog 2 Book Writing Experience... Has anyone out there tried to convert their Diary Blog into a book? I would love to hear from you!


English Rider said...

Do you think your life would have been "trouble free" if you had accepted the status-quot and not attempted any changes?

Wiola said...

True. Very unlikely although I could have definitely avoided some with a bit more sensible thinking and less adventurous enthusiasm. ;)