Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Spring Update and new Aspire blog

While details of my trials and tribulations are now going into notes for the chapters of my blog-book, there is not much I can blog about on here without somewhat spoiling the final product ;)
I know that some of you have followed my Aspire blog on the business website and I would like to let you know I have moved the blog to new destination: http://aspireequestrian.wordpress.com Please change your links for the new one and I hope you will join me on there. I decided to take the Aspire wordpress blog outside of the main website to make it more interactive, easier to comment on, share and also much easier for me to update regularly.

New Aspire Equestrian info platform :) http://aspireequestrian.wordpress.com/
My plan is to include more of my coaching ideas in the content and hopefully make more amateur/grassroots  riders think about this sport as a team sport (rider + horse) and less of a horse only sport...

I have posted a new post there this morning which readers of this blog might like:


"Make a little experiment… Set a video camera running and walk towards it and away from it. Then do the same side-ways. The same jogging and the same “skipping” as if you were cantering on your own feet (you might want to be alone if you are worried about your sanity being judged Then grab a cup of tea or coffee and re-watch those clips with detective-like curiosity. Check for the way you use your joints, the way you distribute your weight throughout your body, the way your hips move (or not!) while you walk and jog. Check which leg you start skipping with, which one pushes, which one carries without thinking about it, how level are your shoulders, is your head forwards or on top of your shoulders, do you carry your rib cage to one side…When you walk, do you lead the movement with your upper body or your hips…These are just a few of numerous elements you can analyse.[...]"
For full article see: 

The Aspire website is also undergoing small changes and will include information on my coaching weekends and virtual coaching programme. I decided to be brave with the coaching weekends and opened it up to pretty much any European location. If there are riders interested further afield I might venture beyond too! 

I value all the feedback from any type of rider so if you wanted to drop me a comment with your views on what is important to you in your training I am all ears (or eyes reading!).

Issuu publications might take a moment to load: 

I am really enjoying the virtual coaching and now that I have made it as a stand alone programme it's even better to run and organise. The riders have sent me some lovely feedback after finishing their first month and I am looking forward to more video training with them. You can read what they had to say Here and Here.

I hope you are all well and enjoying your horses :)
All the best,

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