Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Coming soon...Aspire Video Library


I am both excited and nervous about this project, it requires me to get in front of the camera and that’s damn tricky ;) I hope you will share your views, ideas and constructive criticism now and as we go along. I would appreciate your thoughts on it
very much. 

Below are excerpts from full article which can be found on my Aspire blog: 

Are you a grassroots rider? An amateur rider? A pro? Semi-pro?  

To show a lower level rider training in form of Aspire video library has been on my mind for a while now but I’ve been putting it away due to my own camera cowardice!
Talking in front of lenses is definitely not my forte but finally my drive to do something that might be helpful and useful to many more riders than I am physically able to teach in regular way, has won me over.

  There are good few superb video sites out there which I enjoy very much, they are educational and insightful, feature good riders, top trainers and very interesting horses.
You might ask why on earth am I trying to make a video library when such fantastic resources are already available, professionally made and produced. [...]


The videos will follow principles of Aspire Start and Foundation Programmes that are designed to offer rider-centred, horse-friendly and highly effective riding training to those riders who are in the sport mostly for fun, love of horses and physical benefits.

The videos will show our way to teach the basics of riding. The Aspire's system is based on classical principles, appreciation of equine and human biomechanics as well as equine behaviour and rider's learning styles. We like to bring many ideas together, mix natural horsemanship with simple science - all for the good of the horse and benefit of the rider. The video material within this section should also be of benefit to grassroots coaches learning to teach or riders who need to address basic skills to progress further...There will be an additional series of "learning to teach" type videos here as well.


amateur Videos in this section will look at the process of training the rider to train the horse. Aspire Programmes value long-term training plans. Training uses no gadgets for schooling, aims at deeper than earlier understanding of movement biomechanics, equine behaviour, hoof care, saddle fit and rider's fitness. I am looking forward to filming this! The main difference to me between a strictly for-fun riding and amateur sport involvement is passion and a dream...It doesn't matter if you are just learning rising (or posting for US/Canada readers) trot. If you aspire to National championships or Olympic Games we will give you the foundations from which you can reach your dreams...

The Purpose

Aspire's video library, virtual training programmes and regular coaching all have one clear purpose: to equip any novice rider with quality skills and understanding  of horses to such a degree that lousy basics never stop them from pursuing riding dreams. [...]

Read the rest of this article here: http://aspireequestrian.wordpress.com/2013/07/07/coming-soongrassroots-and-amateur-riders-video-guide-to-quality-riding-education/

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sally said...

I have just watched a clip from this post about the grey who was a bucking scary machine ....did the inhand stint and then became a new horse
My Hokey is proving to be very much the same ....becoming scary ....I'm a brave rider but he is testing even me. This clip has given me hope that we will get there. I take my hat off to the grey's rider for sticking with him....very brave and very inspirational
Love catching up with your dream becoming a reality ....also inspirational

Wiola said...

Hello sally - gosh, I am not sure which video you mean - was it in "related you tube content" or similar?
I hope you are keeping safe...!

Thank you for following my dream :)