Monday, 12 March 2012

Third Place in Equestrian Social Media Awards :)

I've just came back from spending a week with my family and whilst away I received this fabulous news! My little coaching project has been growing steadily and we placed third in Equestrian Social Media Awards for Best Use Of Social Media by a Riding School!

Once again, huge huge thanks to all out supporters because without you there would be no aspirations for Aspire Equestrian Riding Academy :-D
The first two places are taken by massive organisations so a third place in such company of very well established big guns feels good!

Thank you All :-D



jenj said...

Congrads! That's very exciting, especially given who the first two groups are!

English Rider said...

High Five!

Unknown said...

Thank you :-D

trudi said...

very well done Wiola

Val said...


I appreciate your social media efforts.

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