Friday, 16 November 2007

I found a horse and waiting to hear from Anna Ross-Davies now...

A few weeks ago I contacted Anna Ross-Davies and to cut a long story short she agreed to train me if I find a horse.
Today I went to see one kind owner who offered for me to visit her yard and try her horse.
It was quite a nerve wracking experience for me as I desperately need a horse to learn on but I also know I am not a dressage rider and have hundreds of bad habits. Due to that I rode far from my best abilities and was pretty sure the owner would not be too happy for me to train on her horse.
Fortunately, the owner agreed and so I am now awaiting to hear from Anna on the available dates!
I am also going to ride the horse once a week and will get some instruction from his current rider which is great as she rode the horse beautifully :)

The horse is called Henry, is a 15hh grey anglo-arab who has been shown as a small hack (HOYS placing including) and the owner is keen for him to do dressage now.
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