Tuesday, 15 January 2008

Operation Esther

Some of you may have read my post below about the rescue of Amersham horses. One amazing person from Horse and Hound Forums called all the members to get together and help in every way possible. Her dedication resulted in a big chain of support being built throughout the country.
Michelle's plea - Operation Esther - so called after a little donkey who was born in Horse Trust's stables out of one of the rescued donkeys - is an appeal to all who care...
"Find Horse Transport" company kindly donated a website (http://www.operationesther.com/) which assists in centralising all the ideas and bring together people who want to help the Amersham horses.

"Michelle placed a plea on the forum asking for everyone to give up one luxury..

  • If they smoked, give up that packet of cigarettes and send the money to a charity dealing with the horses, the price of a packet of cigarettes would pay for a bag of chaff or a bale of hay.

  • If they sat down in the evening with a bottle of wine, forfeit that and donate the money!!!

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