Saturday, 8 March 2008

I almost forgot how it is to teach a typical busy "riding school Saturday"...

A couple of weeks ago I agreed to cover Saturday hours for an absent instructor at one of the riding schools and today was the day.
I must say, I almost forgot how it is to teach groups of 8 to 9 little people from 9am to 4pm! My throat is dying ("it's too windy, I can't hear!"), my legs are dying (from constant walking about as those precariously tipped riders didn't give me a chance to sit down even for a minute), my head is about to explode (still hear the never ending chatter of the weekend helpers and tens of children about - WHAT can you talk about 24/7?? It's m a d!)...anyway, I think you get the picture :)
Needless to say, I will think four times before agreeing to do such a cover again.

As much as I support the development of equestrianism and riding in general teaching of this sorts really isn't for me.
It's great to see people enjoying those lessons and, strangely enough, I did get a lot of satisfaction out of today's little breakthroughs and tries. However, on the long run, I am certain I would go bonkers! I would love to put all those riders on the lunge and give them a good one-to-one, they would be riding 100% better after a month.

Small groups, or better still private lessons and quality ,structured training - that's my world :)
Off I go now to collapse on my bed with some reading material. 9 am to 5.30pm day awaits tomorrow - thankfully, just small groups and private slots :)
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