Thursday, 30 July 2009

My Intermediate Teaching exam results arrived today...

Rick phoned me at work to say the results had arrived and I am over the moon as you may suspect!
You should be able to click on the photo to enlarge it. This is what you receive from the EQL Ltd (Equestrian Qualifications GB Limited), which is an awarding body for all the BHS exams.
As you can see I have 2 X on the sheet which means I failed to impress the examiner on the following elements:
5.1.2. which is "Demonstrate a safe, correct and effective lunge technique". I suspected a bit of trouble there as I put my lunge whip on the floor at one point which the examiner quizzed me about later. I did it because my horse was fidgeting when I helped the rider on so it was easier for me to hold him ;)
On a separate note, I wonder if the examiner would like my lunging technique which involved handling a lunge horse in canter with one hand and a video camera in the other ;) Hmm.

Second element with a X is 6.4.1. Involve all the pupils in the presentation. This is to do with my lecture. See, there was one candidate in my group who was rather shy, nervous and she looked to me like she would hate if I questioned her on anything. As the other two in my group were jolly and chatty we had a nice dialogue going and I thought I would be nice to the other candidate if I don't expose her lack of knowledge and/or confidence! Obviously wrong decision.

Now that I know I passed I will also share a couple of more comments. What really shocked me at the exam was the way some of the candidates taught their lessons. It looked like a ready-made, rigid pantomime style performance. I didn't see much teaching involved in that. More like mechanical 'going through the movements' sort of sessions.
As my teaching has nothing of that character and I totally changed all of my briefs and lessons plans to suit my riders on the day I was worried that it was me who was doing it the wrong way. I am not a very 'BHS old style' instructor, neither had I any systematic, costly, specific training towards the exam. This is why I am doubly pleased about passing; because it shows there is no 'BHS teaching way' as many people insist on. There is only genuine teaching of the riders in front of you. Thankfully.

Together with the above sheet you also receive comments on your coaching. The documents titled 'Independently Assessed Practical Coaching Session' which give you feedback on the following elements:
  • Manage a safe and effective coaching environment
  • complete safety checks and manage the safe and effective set-up and taking down of equipment if relevant
  • check safety of rider, equipment, tack and arena surface during introduction phase
  • use of equipment throughout is safe
  • exercises are safe and appropriate for combination(s)
  • Deliver Programme Goals using a range of coaching styles and methods
  • prepare participants and others for the coaching programme (introduction, warm up and initial assessment and analysis leading to clear focus and SMART goals)
  • Deliver the coaching programme (effective communication, rider empowerment, open and questioning based style, clear progression, technically correct, meeting needs of combination)
  • Develop participants' performance within the coaching programme (demonstrate improvement of the combination, appropriate use of demonstrations. On-going observation of combination demonstrated through feedback and exercises)
  • Conclude the coaching programme (finishing on a positive outcome, cool down, involve rider/s in summary, and progress in session, identifies work for the future)
  • Develop personal coaching practice (is able to accurately reflect on the session identify strengths and areas for improvements, can identify action plan to progress personal skills)
  • Technical Competence Section
  • Rider position for discipline
  • Natural aids (appropriate and technically correct use of aids for exercises)
  • Use of specialist equipment if required
  • Overall outcome of the session
All those elements have comment boxes as well as Outcome summary (the latter you can get: C-competent, NYC - not yet competent, NS - no shown). I have C's in every box and all the comments are very complementary. I wish they included some less good points commented on too so I have a full picture but I can't complaint can I??!! ;)

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