Thursday, 10 September 2015

Day 247-248: Moira's day and playing with Una

247: Friday 4th September 

The smallest people can cause the biggest havoc ;) My youngest riders are getting really brave if not bravado requesting all sorts of impossible tasks to be performed by their ever patient pony. They make me laugh and surprisingly I look forward to our sessions even though one can hardly call it training since they are both 4 years old ;)
Their creativity is endless! 

Tilly is not feeling 100% so I opt for an easy session to be cautious. I realise in hindsight that today is the first time Moira rides with much more confidence on long reins letting the mare stretch throughout the lesson. Big progress from being worried about "rein contact" for control. Well done Moira! 

Caitlin has a good practice run on Jasper. We are preparing for the BD test on Sunday and going through the test pattern so they can get used to all the movements coming one after another. It will be their first show so there is no pressure and the plan is to enjoy it :) 

Una , the Welsh mare I am schooling and taking to the same show goes a little erratic in first trot so I decide to get off and work her in-hand for a few minutes to get her attention on me and to relax her mentally. It takes 10 minutes or so for her to release but when I get back on she feels much better. 
The main thing I am working on with her is for her to understand the leg aid properly. She is a very forward mare but her energy goes nowhere, it doesn't create a positive impulsion through her body and certainly doesn't travel over her back and through her neck.

I like to feel the hindleg push in the neck. I know we all talk about contact with the bit and sure, I want to feel a nice connection given by the horse too but first, I like to feel it in the neck. It's as if the horse starts understanding that even a short rein comes with freedom - to relax the neck and shoulders. I put the leg on and it feels like the momentum goes underneath the saddle and has the power to relax the neck muscles. It's an unforgettable feel and when I lose it I want it back asap ;) 

I do really like riding the mare, she is sharp enough to go far and has a huge potential but doesn't quite understand the idea yet. I like playing with her and letting her figure out how to move better. 

Saturday is a fun, long day with several lessons and further show practice. 



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