Tuesday, 17 November 2015

319 & 320: Sunday rest time and moving house horsey style ;)

I try to have a rest day on Sundays and although it doesn't always happen and I do some work stuff after all, this weekend I managed a little bit of Sunday holiday :) 

Beautiful, sunny Sunday was like a reward for drenched reality of the Saturday! 
There are many things to tick off from to-do list at the moment and I go from excitement to stress mode from one minute to the next, its quite pathetic really ;) I am looking forward to my new routine establishing and getting back on calmer tracks. 

Today, on Monday that is, we finally moved all our stuff to the cottage so one task accomplished! 
We just popped everything onto an Equi-Trek, as you do ;) 

Turns out that suitcases travel well in the little lorry ;) Many thanks to Emma B. for help in getting all our stuff over to the cottage!

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