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Day 303-317: Aspire 1st short Training Camp, Open Day at Brackenhill Stud, signing a new lease, packing life and projects on the go...!

XC on Una at Attington - 1st November 2015

When we last chatted on here I was just preparing final notes for the first short training camp for Academy riders at Brackenhill Stud. We are now three weeks after the camp with the next one firmly in place for the 4th to the 6th December and all places taken. I can't wait to get stuck in proper planning of the content of it next week! 

I don't really want to create any pressure to achieve any particular competitive outcome via those camps but I do want them to simply be an immersion in training and doing ones best whatever that might mean to an individual rider. We are often running through lives fitting riding in around other commitment so to stop and fully focus on a few elements at a time in an intensive format is of great benefit for riders and horses. 

I posted a full album of pictures from the camp weekend if you would like to have a look :) Just click the link below:

I also put together a little 5 minutes video from the weekend, here it is: 

I'm not a big fan of the typical "slowing down" for the winter that possibly is a hidden name for simply avoidance of difficult weather conditions, comfort eating and finding excuses not to do things that require some effort.
The approach that works for me is to make the most out of each season, it makes me feel more alive and like I am not hibernating precious months away. There is a certain magic to the rain drops on your face and wind around you, isn't there? :)

The indoor arenas become a cozy training space and winter is also a great time to work of riders' balance, awareness of asymmetry and dominance of one or another body part.

One thing I do like to do in the winter is to finish teaching earlier in the day than I do normally when evenings are longer and lighter. This lets me work back home on various projects I have up my sleeve ;), plan lessons content for the weeks ahead and generally rest better. Teaching and riding in the cold, rain and wind for 8-9 hours a day plus my usual 3-4 hour daily journeys do make me more tired in the winter so stopping late evening lessons on at least some days is my way of "indulging" myself ;)

On the 7th of November 2015, the lovely venue I work with, Brackenhill Stud, held their first anniversary Open Day.

It's been such a pleasure to have been with them since the beginning when they took over management of the yard in summer 2014 and seeing the place develop and grow slowly into what Emma and Aimee want it to be - a thriving eventing yard with plenty of training opportunities for long and short term livery clients.

My little coaching demo during the Open Day
My little coaching demo during the Open Day

To see more photos from the Open Day please click HERE

In life (kind of) outside of horses, there is a big change coming up for Richard and I as after a couple of years of living (quite literally) out of suitcases, we signed a lease on a cottage. You might want to brace yourself for some "interior design" posts coming up as we give the house a modest make over ;)  Combining house move logistics whilst maintaining my usual teaching schedule has been a bit of a challenge and caused me a bit of stress to say the least but I think the hurricane is most disruptive as you enter it... Once you're in it, you start finding stuff to hold on to and keep going.

There are three projects I am working on at the moment, one is the Aspire Christmas Gift Guide 2015 and the other two are as yet to be shared but both are very exciting. If they go ahead I will make sure I blog about them straight away :)

I hope you are finding something enjoyable to do with your horses this winter, take care, will be back soon :)

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