Thursday, 15 April 2010

"Bad" Day For A Reason Or A Reason For A "Bad" Day?

I didn't want to write all this at first but then I realised that those who do read this blog or who might come across it will always be the people I actually do love teaching. The inquisitive types who maybe searched for some horse or riding related issues.

Maybe it's the virus I had but I'm not having the greatest few days. I'm missing my family very much right now without any particular reason other than just feeling under pressure. The pressure that I am actually putting myself under by myself...It's probably rather a pointless post because I am not even sure how to word what my mind is trying to digest right now.
I'm so incredibly fed up with the attitude of many teenage/children clients I have to teach right now. I'm so incredibly useless at teaching them as they are, I see no point in doing what I'm doing and feel like I'm seriously wasting both theirs and my own time.
Perhaps it's wrong to give up on them and maybe it's just a nature of today's youth to want immediate results with least effort. Perhaps. But it's draining me so much I'm feeling like a zombie.
Just to give you an example of what sort of attitude I mean:

Me: Let's ride a little deeper into that corner so your pony stays in better balance...
Rider: Yeahhh but it's boooring, what's the point?
Me: Well, the point is that he will feel stronger and happier to carry you to that jump and the jumps will feel great!
Rider: Yeahhh, but he will cut that next corner anyway...
Me: .....:-/

Just in case it sounds like I'm bad mouthing ALL young riders out there, far from it, I have some super little clients that I adore teaching. However, per every 1 great child/teenager I have 9 that make me want to give up riding school teaching for good!
How school teachers deal with that specific subject disinterest many kids show is beyond me.
It's of course very much of my fault in this as I'm in it out of passion for the sport and for the horses. Anything less, anybody who treat riding a horse like hopping on a bicycle kills the teaching passion in me.
I know what you think, I should be in it to inspire and motivate and encourage that right attitude...and I indeed do that in many many riders I have had over the years.
But right now, to be perfectly honest, I think I ran out of the persuasion strength.

I used to try to kick myself and tell myself to just get on with it but I think I'm getting to a point where that tactic is no longer having much effect.

Good few days coming up with a yard day tomorrow, then Training Day for two lovely riders on Saturday, then grooming for a friend at Tweseldown Pre-Novice event.
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