Sunday, 23 September 2012

In Memory Of My Grandfather

My dad phoned tonight to pass the sad news. I guess we expect the elderly loved ones to leave us sooner or later and yet it still comes as a shock. My brother and I grew up very close to my grandparents. And now he's gone...

Hurry up 

Hurry up to love people, they pass away so fast 
Only shoes and silent telephone remains 
Only what is trivial lags like a cow 
The most important is so beautiful that occurs suddenly 
Afterwards natural silence therefore unbearable 
Like purity born straightforward from distress 
When we think about someone, remaining without them 

Don't be sure that you still have time, because certai
nty is vague
It takes away compassion like any joy
It comes simultaneously with pathos and humour
Like two passions still weaker than one
They go away fast like thrush falling silent in July
Like sound a bit awkward or emotionless bow
To see decently they close their eyes
Though greater risk is to be born than to die
We still love too little and always too late

Don't write about it often but once and forever
and you will be like a dolphin gentle and powerful

Hurry up to love people, they pass away so fast
And those who perish, not always return
And we never know talking about love,
Is the first the last, or is the last the first?

Jan Twardowski

RIP Grandad :((((((
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