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Photo: Myself with my 2 year old niece in May 2013 - my next coaching project ;)

One thing you might want to know about me is that I love pancakes. Pretty much all kinds. And a good Latte served with soft armchairs, horsey chat and a sea view. Many things interests me, I love a good adventure, travel, getting caught by pouring rain but when it comes to action I am single minded and focused on developing my biggest project: Aspire Equestrian Riding Academy.

Running the Academy lets me do what I enjoy most in life: creating motivation for improvement, empowerment, knowledge and empathy with horses. It lets me be excited about every day :) I live with my boyfriend of 8 years who is totally un-horsey and provides the much needed balance to my otherwise four legged driven life. You probably want to know a bit more about my riding...

  About Wiola

I've ridden since I was 10 years old, mostly show-jumping, training with Polish Olympic rider and trainer, later I became fascinated with dressage and use of rehabilitative schooling in-hand to improve performance. In 2007 I received an invitation from former British Dressage Team Member and International Rider and Trainer to shadow train with her which I did actively for several years and still keep connection by organising Aspire Shadow Training Days with her.

I officially set up Aspire Equestrian in 2010 and its main goal is to provide a quality equestrian training that is rider-centred, holistic and creative as well as being horse friendly. It is aimed at grassroots riders and instructors-to-be. I organise coaching weekends intensive training days all over UK & Europe as well as running regular training near London in form of a structured Academy where all beginner riders commence their first few months of training on the lunge.

I took 8 months out in 2012 to train in Portugal on quality Lusitano stallions and jump with Portuguese National Champion and World Equestrian Games rider & trainer. It gave me a huge admiration for Iberian horses and I am hooked on them! My passion lies in correct foundations for any discipline and getting the most out of any horse and any rider.

I am open to any networking opportunities, working cooperation, more learning and any ideas for ambitious projects. Get in touch!    

Have a great day :)
aspire @ outlook . com
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