Sunday, 13 May 2012

Sunday Morning on Video

7:30 My dear friend who always takes me to work on Sunday mornings rings to tell me that she left her lights on in her car for the night and the accumulator is down...She says she will organise another car...
7:45 Friend rings to say she "got" a car so now someone is going to drive us to town centre so we can pick it up. Cool. I check the time and know we are going to be late. Not good.
8:05 We arrive at the place where "new" car lives. The passenger seat is half broken so I sit with a significant twist in my spine - a bit of morning gymnastics as the journey takes a good hour.
8:10 We can't start the car
8:15 Car owner gets out of bed again to drive the car out of the car park. He manages to start the car OK. Friend's brother says the car often doesn't start so we might not be able to come back. Cool.
I check the time. Not cool! I try to open the window and the handle stays in my hand.
8:25 We finally hit the road. The car comes with a few instructions which I recorded below:

Amazingly, we arrive only 20 minutes late and I have a fabulous day teaching in the sunshine, getting my farmer's tan and sun kissed hair highlights as a bonus!
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