Update 18th July 2014

I have now finished the first draft of the Part 1 of the book :) It feels liberating to have created this mediocre prototype and I look forward to making it into something that will be worth reading. In the meantime, the normal blogging shall now resume as life writes consecutive parts...

Update 5th May 2014

I started writing Freelance Instructor's Diary in 2007; it was a place for me to dream, plan, hope and scream :)

In 2012 I decided to make it into a book...a story, you know...that maybe could be of use to someone else...a story of doing what one loves doing in life, story of not giving up too easily...

As I worked through the posts, I realised I wanted to share more than just my experiences and so in January 2014 I began writing a book about horse riding...the book with short real life stories, adventures, people and horses closely intertwined with the "how to" chapters... Stay tuned as I put it all together :)

Update: 9th July 2013

As I mentioned in my initial write up below, I didn't want this blog to cease completely. It has been a big part of my life and although at the time I was writing the below text I was not sure what I will blog about on here I know now :)
I have to apologise to my horsey readers who still visit, please do stop by Aspire blog: Here, well, I am going to accumulate various things to do with writing, self-publishing and creative process!
I decided to keep the book in hiding until probably 2015...the reason for it is that I am working on a new big educational projects and I want to describe the making of it and behind the scene anguish in the book ;)

All the best!


It's been a 5 1/2 years of blogging journey with Freelance Instructor's Diary and as my life progresses I feel it's time to close some chapters and open new ones.

This little blog allowed me to meet some wonderful people and made it possible to be involved in some very exciting projects.
I would like to thank all the readers who have been with me all this time. I am not a typical blogger in that I don't get much involved in commenting and discussions. I am more of a reader than a chatter :) However, I appreciate all comments made on my posts and all the messages sent, it's been a pleasure to be part of your adventures with this sport.

I initially planned to discontinue this blog but I am thinking of letting it grow with the Blog To Book Project and keeping it open for now.
The Freelance Instructor's Diary as it was, however, is approaching the final stages.

The decision to turn this blog into a book came from a few reasons but the main ones were: 

1) I wanted to put my experiences into perspective by adding chapters which I am writing now...they look at my decisions and actions from the hindsight of 5 years...Each part of the book will come with such additional chapter. I guess you could call them "what I wish I knew at the time"...

2) As much as I enjoy blogging world I am also an old school book lover and there is just nothing like reading a real print publication. I want to be able to keep these memories when my brain can no longer recall the details :) Something tangible like a printed book appeals to this need the most! 

In a grand scheme of things mine is just an ordinary life with horses. There are some wonderful biographies published written by Olympic riders and great competitors in the sport and this is certainly not going to be one of them.
However, perhaps for other ordinary people who would like to work with horses as riding instructors some of my thoughts will be useful and help realising that it's ok to break the rules and test what you really can or can't do.

More details soon on the book's new Facebook Page:

Once again, all the very best to all of you!
Wiola xx

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