Wednesday 31 December 2008

And into 2009 we go...

What I really want to do is to skip the usual Happy New Year shouting and wish you all the next 365 days that are really truly lived and not just existed on...I wish you the next 365 days spent with people who matter to you and who make life what it should be - a meaningful journey.

I am going to raise a glass tonight to all of you who have been reading my rambling on here.

For myself I have just 3 wishes for 2009:
* I want to be a better rider and a better trainer by the end of it and make a good use of that!
* I want to find a way to stop being constantly away from people I love the most and who make the world a comfortable place. It seems a blooming rule in my life to always play a catch up. It's tiring.
* I want some magic back into a very special person's life.

It doesn't matter how much you want. What really matters is how much you want it. The extent and complexity of the problem does not matter as much as does the willingness to solve it.

Ralph Marston quotes

And with that I shall go and see you all in 2009.

Tuesday 30 December 2008

End of year 2008..

It's a peculiar world. I walk through it like through a maze trying to find the best way out. Sometimes it is a jolly search for the best paths, sometimes the going gets tough. I have learnt that when I get into the darkest corners and when the map showing the way out has not even been drawn up yet I seem to meet people who matter the most.

Four years ago, when I thought I lost the track of many things essential for happiness, I found my soul mate who makes the rollercoaster - life - drive worthwhile...

The year 2008 was the first one when I enjoyed every single day of my working life. I tried to get 'a proper job' and even managed to stay at it for a bit but it seems it was only so I could truly realise what sort of work makes me happy. To realise I cannot live my life according to someone else's rules and standard procedures. Thank you to my fantastic friend back in Poland for listening to me and for being so unassuming and patient with me.
Ricky said to me last night: "You don't have a job. You just go out and enjoy yourself". This is so very true in so many ways.

In 2008...Thanks to a lovely friend and her horses I got to get a taste of affiliated Eventing and although it ended before it truly started I had a fabulous time (and keep my fingers crossed for more Eventing adventures to come).

In 2008...I finished my BHSAI exams which gave me a lot of confidence in my ability to teach riding in English.

In 2008...I got to "meet" a lot of lovely fellow bloggers!

In 2008...I peeled yet another layer of a big onion of riding education. I understand more, I feel more and I discovered how much more is yet there in front of me.

2008...was the year of me finally admitting to myself that I just cannot spend anymore time in London. I just do not feel happy here, do not feel myself and although there are places here that will always be very dear to my heart, very special and rich in memories I really want to live in the country. I feel like I tried and tried and tried to make this city work for me for the sake of keeping things as easy as possible and to compromise but all it does it is making me pretend to be who I am not.

In 2008...I received a funding towards my further training which gave me a big confidence boost as it confirmed that there are people out there who believe in my teaching methods and that what I try to do does matter (I am yet to spend that funding!).

It was a good year. In many ways it was a year that made me who I am walking into the year 2009.

Monday 29 December 2008

I think I am going to train as a film maker, what do you reckon??

Let me tell you, I am having a "funny" time in my life at the moment...There are things that need to be sorted so I can get on with my plans and maybe chase after my dreams a bit more but those things are not that easy to put in order.
I would like to thank those who send me comments to some of the posts that are no longer on the site (I do sometimes post things for a very short time only for family and friends to read but remove them very shortly afterwards). I really do appreciate them and the reason they are withheld by me is that I prefer to keep some things private. If your comment didn't make it to the site please don't think I have ignored it, I did read it and thank you for your concern.

With all this in mind it's always great to have a bit of fun and I had a great ride on a fun horse as I call hacking cobs ;)
A little video for you all to have a laugh at. Also, say hello to my dear crazy friend on another fun horse. She had limited breaks hence a lot of wobble as my wild horse kept following ;) Do not try similar style of filming at home if you're only just learning to ride...Thanks for super ride today my dear.


And a tired pony at the end


Sunday 28 December 2008

Don't you love reading books...

Anyone who says they have only one life to live must not know how to read a book. ~Author Unknown

A good book should leave you... slightly exhausted at the end. You live several lives while reading it. ~William Styron, interview, Writers at Work, 1958

Sunday rambling

My secretary Cleo spent a moment this morning perusing my teaching/riding schedule and after I had it all approved we got outside to take part in a rather chilly morning!

It was still a very quiet day teaching wise. I think it will only take off again after the New Year's Eve. Not that we were complaining really, the staff got more lessons and the horses a bit of schooling.
Despite my clients asking for nice and easy lessons we did in fact go for a bit of work with some encouraging success.
I am experimenting my various crazy methods on P., young member of Sunday team, and she is getting better and better if I say so myself. She has a bit of a problem with stability of contact when things go a bit wrong so I popped her on the lunge. We constructed a funny device made of a leadrope and two sponges tied to each end and I made her juggle with the sponges at walk, trot and canter. It works wonders on making the rider more aware of what is happening with their hands in relation to upper body movements. It also improves balance in general and it's much more difficult than it seems!

And more random photos from today:

Exercising some of the riding school horses

My wild mount ;)

P. on K. - naughty pony!

My wild mount again, an ex-race horse reflected in a car's window ;))

And S., poor colicky pony who finally managed a poo in the end of the day!


Saturday 27 December 2008

And after Xmas...

I think I know what is going to be my favourite taste of English Xmas - hot xmas pudding with cream and brandy butter courtesy of Mrs T. - yummy, yummy!!!

A bit of riding today, including a rather exhausting but very enjoyable hour on a massive warmblood offering me a few travers now and then when I pressed the wrong buttons. Nice to sit on something that really makes you work though.

Some teaching but a lot of my regular clients are still away leisuring.

Friday 26 December 2008

Thursday 25 December 2008

Jolly Christmas Day

Quite a jolly day today, nice change after yesterday. I've been cooking, unpacking pressies, resting and eating yummy food.

Wednesday 24 December 2008

The state of mind

What I love most about Christmas is this feeling of belonging. The feeling of being in the middle of this beautifully scented energy and excitement, being surrounded by series of events that seem somewhat magically choreographed. All I ever have to do is to let myself be led by the perfectly skilled partner of the Christmas dance to the tunes of family voices.
I could never ever sit still in my life. When I was 12 years old I wanted to run away from home and travel around the world. I left my family home at 18 and never really went back. I was never sure how to answer questions alike 'where do you live'. I've always seemed to be in a few places in the same time, some things here some things there. But to not be at home at Christmas time is still a very alien, unpleasant feeling and I am not taking to it well.

It's been a rough day today for me, very very sad. In Poland, the Christmas Eve is the proper family affair, the day when my family gets together, have a long, 12 dishes supper, we open presents and chat nonsense. It's normally a lovely, lovely evening. My dad always buys a massive Christmas tree which is always too big for the house and my mum always despairs and he always has to cut it in the end because the ceiling isn't high enough. He knows this of course. But he always gets the tree that is too big.
My brother and I used to dress the tree up in the morning of Christmas Eve. We would get a bit grumpy about doing it as we got older but we seem to have continued with it nevertheless.

Well, today I was nowhere near all the above. I woke up knowing it won't be an easy one and started the day frantically writing more Xmas cards on way to work trying not to miss anybody out. We had a quiet day lessons wise but I actually really enjoyed them.
Went out later for a meal with two very special friends and spent late afternoon and evening going around places with one of them.
If I had to choose only two things to keep from this year I would go for meeting these two ladies. There were some other great happenings in the passing year but I think I can safely say they don't quite match up.
To feel like there is someone out there who will always pick up the phone, who will drive for miles just to cheer you up and will always try to help no matter what is something that means more than words can describe.

Even more so on days when the tears just keep flowing because there is no more space in the body for the sadness to go. When you feel defeated by own sorrow and don't know what to do with yourself to stop it, you don't even know whether you want it to stop as you are afraid that it will come back even stronger if you do so.

I spoke to my family over the phone. They were sat at the table passing the receiver to one another, sharing a few words with me. So close and yet so far.

I would like to thank you my two very special friends for being out there because without their presence life would be a very heavy baggage to carry.

I am off to get more Xmas cuddles from Ricky now.

Tuesday 23 December 2008

2010 Radio Show Episode 17 - WEG News and Happy Holidays

NBC Sports

A little WEG News and a lot of Holiday Cheer for you this week. Happy Holidays to all our listeners around the world!

2010 Radio Show Episode 17 - WEG News and Happy Holidays:


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Monday 22 December 2008

Got to watch Olympia Show Jumping in the end!!

There are times when not everything quite clicks in as it should and that's what is happening in my life now. Experience taught me to make the most out of little things that do make me happy when the big things are lagging behind. Lucky as I seem to be sometimes...I managed to get a seat at Olympia's Grand Prix tonight. Don't ask how, it was thanks to someone who came up with a good idea and organised "a special re-arrangement" ;)
I probably enjoyed it even more because it was so unexpected. The Grand Prix was won by Laura Kraut on Miss Independent - super round, super jump-off, Mr. Morris knows how to train those show - jumpers that's for sure.
Second was Ben Meher on an outstanding Robin Hood W. That horse has a true power engine and absolutely enormous scope. It was a pleasure to watch their clear rounds. Laura was faster...tonight...I am sure we will hear more about Robin Hood very soon.

Every time I watch decent show-jumping live I know deep down that no amount of dressage, however great and beautiful is going to kill this simple, joyful and furious pleasure of flying with a horse that I feel every time I jump properly.

More on tonight's Olympia at:

And now I am going to write a letter to Santa...;) and post it on here once it's ready...a very special Santa letter...

Sunday 21 December 2008

Hacking out in the largest urban park in Europe :)

It was rather crowdy in my Sunday office today! Spent quite a few hours pondering around it and here are some pics of the crowds for you:

Very quiet (and shorter!) working day spent mostly in the saddle and on a couple of teaching hours. Christmas here we come.

Schooled this horse last week and wonder - maybe I should take it on...?

I have just been emailed pictures of the horse I schooled last week and the owner would want me to pop on the mare now and then to keep her in good order but I was just wondering maybe I should take her on and take her out and about...

The only thing I am slightly worried about is her size...I am not too good with too much of a horse and the owner has a bit of a problem with breaks and the strength of the mare so I am a little worried...well, you check it out yourself and let me know what you think (I might have a video to follow too). Click on pics to enlarge them.

So, what do you reckon? ;)

Saturday 20 December 2008

Jingle bells, jingle bells

I gave all my lessons today to various Christmas songs of which Jingle Bells seemed to have been most popular. It still rings in my head!
Then spent the evening laughing lots with some lovely, crazy horsey people ;) I will so miss days like today...

P.S. [after reading the comments below and a few emails]: Oops, looks like I must avoid my unfinished thoughts on here as they seem to cause a bit of concern.

Friday 19 December 2008

Tim Gredley at Olympia International Horse Show 2008

Click the below link to watch the video interview and Tim's round on Toklund.


End of year ...resolutions??

Looking at current equestrian job market everything seems really quiet. The magic of Xmas? ;) I have just about a month and a half left to make up my mind and decide which way to go.The joys of deadlines...even if self-given!

I should be mucking out... house today!

I am thinking that there are certain things which don't necessarily make the world go 'round; they are what makes the ride worthwhile. You have to pay the highest prices for them tough and yet no money can buy them.


Right, off I go to send my Xmas cards.


2010 Radio Show Episode 16 - WEG News:

Boyd Exell

All kinds of news this week from equine piroplasmosis to Para-Equestrians. We also has some special guests joining us as we chat about the 2010 World Equestrian Games. Listen in...

2010 Radio Show Episode 16 - WEG News:


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Thursday 18 December 2008

Pictures from Mainland - Part 3

Messing about with my dear brother, Robert

Erm, mum, can you stop taking weird pictures from the back seat?? ;)))

At Robert's. These pics were taken on my way back, my brother drove me to the airport and we stopped at his house to leave Poker. Saying goodbye...

Dog fighting ;)) Poker is a cool boxer!


"There are three stages of man...

He believes in Santa. He doesn't believe in Santa. He is Santa." - says the Xmas card I bought for my brother. Is it funny or is it sad?

If it went "There are three stages of a rider. She believes she can ride. She doesn't believe she can ride. She is a rider." I would be well and truly submerged in the second stage today. Or maybe in the first one actually, floating in the delusional belief ;)

Ok, on a good note I am feeling fractionally better than yesterday and I guess there is a chance I might actually have some days without a cold this year!

Wednesday 17 December 2008

Sunny, sunny Wednesday

It was such a beautiful day today, one of those winter days when you don't really mind a bit of a chill in the air because everything is so illuminated by the lovely bright sunshine.
And I would really love this morning, with lots of riding, with no rush, with opportunity to stop and have a chat with the horses...if only I wasn't feeling so freaking ill!!!!
FFS how long can cold last. I am not impressed at all.

Riding was actually better than teaching. Once I started talking loud it gave me such a headache I would happily hit my head with a hammer or something in those lines. I was, however, impressed by my little riders today, gave them a few quite difficult exercises to do and they actually dealt with them very well.
Riding was a bit of a challenge, made me feel a little dizzy but it's always good to be in the saddle.
Managed to get through the day without removing my head by mechanical means.

I am now resting in my bed updating this blog, chatting to my dear friend who is making me laugh and cry, temperature finally down and headache's almost gone too (thank you paracetamol!!).

Here's me hoping I will wake up without temperature tomorrow, that the sun visits us again, and that life gets sorted in some miraculously positive way...! Not much to ask is there?? ;)

Tuesday 16 December 2008

Hope it's my cold's way of saying goodbye!

Well, not the greatest day today as got a high temp and ended up frantically hoping the stables find cover for my lessons. Normally I am a bit of a workaholic and teach regardless but if I am bad then I am rubbish and decided I really needed to stay in bed.
If they didn't manage I would have probably gone but they did thankfully!
Lots of rest today and am hoping to be back to relatively usable state tomorrow.

Olympia International Horse Show 2008 starts today and...

...for the first time in four years I have no tickets :( The Sod's law - got an email from a friend this morning saying one of the stables I work for have a few spare free tickets for that's just great since I work till 9pm this evening!
Oh well, I will have to do with a good old browsing around the shopping village (equestrian stuff never bores me really ;) on one of the days. I still have some vouchers left so hope to make good use of them.

Oh, and apparently there is a good TV coverage this year - yay!

P.s. If anyone has any spare tickets for other days than tonight please let me know...;))))

"Blind man seeks work - Vet" - short radio programme worth listening

Monday 15 December 2008

Xmas shopping!!!

I am not a great shopper, get bored easily, get annoyed with crowds easily and very easily find the whole shopping thing an infinitely unnecessary experience. When I buy gifts I like to put some thought into it and then just go and get them. Endless walking around in and out of shops buying useless stuff is not my idea of fun.
To get me to go shopping with you I either have to like you a lot (so it's just an occasion to meet and have a bit of a laugh) or you must have very special convincing talents!
Good company is the safest bet to get me out and about so I did venture into shops today, believe it or not some of them were "suppliers to Santa Klaus" since the 70ties. Good one hey?

Did you know you can BUILD YOUR OWN teddy bears nowadays? I felt very backwards for not knowing that, duh. You go into a shop and put various elements of bears together to go with your liking. I did want to try but apparently you can't just build a bear and not buy it as it would be like taking a dress from a shop, going to a party in it and then give it back. Go figure. Looks like you pay for the privilege of building the bear as such!

I managed to buy a few gifts and some Christmas cards - got to write them all now!

What's the funniest shop you've ever been to? If you think you tried them all, go to a poundshop - hilarious. And very inexpensive ;) Best source for fun gifts ever ;)

Thumbs up for shopping malls in winter - warm and you don't have to walk far. And they have those little coffee places with super soft leather sofas to collapse in from time to time.

Now, something of concern, I seem to have this grammatical issue with a plural of 'sheep' (I just call them sheeps, you see) and for some weird reason I kept coming across sheep everywhere today in various forms, shapes and sizes. A bit of a déjà vu sort of experience ;)

Now, I just need to give some thought into a few more pressies.
If you are reading - thanks for a fun day Jelly Baby.

Pictures from Mainland - Part 2

My dear friend M. We spent some fantastic time together and I do miss her lots.
She's now 8 months pregnant and having C section on the 12th of January - fingers crossed that all goes well.
Got to get her back in the saddle asap...;)
M., I and Bianca the cat (devon rex cat - an extraordinary creature). Pics of very bad quality from my brother's mobile ;)

Playing with Bianca


Sunday 14 December 2008

Something of note

~ Every man has his secret sorrows which the world knows not; and often times we call a man cold when he is only sad. ~

It's not just riding theory...

While teaching one of my little clients today I was very seriously asked the following question:
"What would you prefer to happen: A World War II once again or hoards of evil orgs coming to overtake the earth?".
Of course, there is no contest here for me. If you have any relatives who survived WWII you will probably understand that it was a very easy thing to do to go for orgs!
Be warned, some of my little riders make sure I am well versed in many of Lord of the Rings intricacies...;)

Saturday 13 December 2008

Saturday Night (Mud) Fever!

I started the day today with a rearing, bucking horse in the end of the reins and spent some time with him trying to stay alive in the driving rain. Roll on summer!
I had so much layers on today that I could probably go and play rugby quite safely. Horses were all on their toes. Mud everywhere.
Love my job, really do! ;))))

Oh, and to top it all up it took me 3 hours to get back home as a little bit of rain causes paralysis of every possible transport! I dread to think what is going to be like when we really do have proper rain again!!

Friday 12 December 2008

Brain Game

This is what personally riding is for me - an intricate brain game you can play all day and you still want more. Addictive, powerful and engaging.
Rode the youngster again today and he certainly knows how to keep my cells working! Love it.
The thing is my brain might be working but the rest of me is rubbish at catching up!

On my training yesterday I had this volatile little TB chestnut mare to ride - she's a sort of a horse that picks up on every bad move I take and would normally be a very testing horse for me to ride. All my early riding educations was on stallions and you just cannot be too soft - soft with them or they would spend all their time on two legs. Unfortunately, although I do *know* I really need to let the horse let me know how it wants to be ridden first, I do tend to ride a lot of new horses in a bit of my old riding style. That mare hated it when I rode her first time a few months ago.
Yesterday, I decided to treat her as my training mirror and made sure to ride her with no demands whatsoever (as she doesn't take well to pressure) and she went very well. So well in fact that my trainer didn't recognise her (despite the fact she's being used for staff training regularly). Mental note to self: sit there for a bit and listen for as long as necessary. Then ride.

Now, the youngster is big and powerful and half of the time he just carts me around the arena. I wish I could say otherwise ;) After riding him on Wednesday I would say he isn't naturally sharp but today he did surprise me. Rode a lot of transitions as although he was very forward and eager he felt a bit as if he was saying "what? are you talking to me?" and at one point I could literally just think trot to walk and felt him pushing up and forwards straight away. I like a horse to respond quickly, I'd rather have some sort of response, even bad, then nothing.

A., my trainer, forever tells me off for riding too fast so I got into habit of riding everything slower than I would think is slow (if that makes sense). The thinking behind it is that I need to work on suppleness first before I ask for impulsion - at least in theory. So she makes me ride so very slow that sometimes it feels like I am loosing all power. BUT, amazingly, it does work.
It did work with the youngster too in a way. At some point he just flopped his ears to the sides and you could tell he was really listening to my seat, did some really nice walk to canter transitions and some very soft halt transitions which were a bit of a handful at the start. This led to some really nice soft trot work and I could actually both flex and turn him with him feeling straighter. I would still want much more softness in his whole body but you can tell it's there somewhere.
However, and here is a big BUT, I could not get him to work consistently into both reins today and couldn't quite work out what I was doing wrong until I saw his regular rider on him. He definitely needs much stronger tempo and much more leg to work towards the contact. Now, I mustn't say anything too positive or my friend will tell me I am over complimentary but the horse all of a sudden started looking connected and through. If I ride him again I am going to kick on ;)
Got to work on my horse assessment yet...might be that he will benefit from that slow work too.

Pictures from Mainland - Part 1 - Meet Poker

This is Poker. The dog I found when he was just a couple of weeks old and he couldn't even eat by himself yet. My parents went away for a few days and as we already had one dog I was pretty sure they wouldn't agree to get another one. We got together with a few friends and decided to play Poker (as in card poker) - the winner would take the puppy. I very very rarely do well in poker...but won that time!
Poker and my brother, who now owns the dog (or the other way round):


Thursday 11 December 2008

Xmas this year... so much trouble that it's giving me headache already. Got to really make few changes next year. Where is this person who said money doesn't solve problems??? Maybe he/she can reveal the alternative to me...

Wednesday 10 December 2008

Back in the saddle

After five days away from horses I ended up riding four today so got my fix in a whole sale dose ;)
First one - a very stiff ex-eventer who actually did go quite well several months ago but slipped back into bad habits, very reluctant to work over the back for various reasons and very tense sort of horse but we got some nice trot work in the end. He makes me really concentrate on positioning his shoulders as the moment you stop doing it you have him falling through one or the other in a matter of seconds.
Then a lovely mare that although shoved me on the ground a couple of weeks ago, is still my favourite horse to ride at this riding school; she's very responsive to any button you press you just have to make sure you press the correct ones! She seems to work best if you just ride strongly into the contact and don't give too much. She rewards herself anyway by softening on the inside rein through flexion and it seems to be a much better option with her than too much give and take on the inside rein. She teaches me to keep the contact very consistent as the quality of her work rises up a level if I do.
Third one is my "black horse" of the stables, a horse I really like for many reasons but that is a bit of a pain to school. He was very unsettled in the contact today and to be honest I don't know how to sort it, he is so against the bit and there seem to be no particular pattern to his evasions. Got about 15 minutes of very nice work and about 20 of horrid one. My thinking when riding him goes: 'Keep him straight, inside leg, outside rein, straighten, keep my inside side up and tall or he will drift, oops, too late, straighten, straighten, inside leg, oops, too much, outside, keep up and tall, corner- don't fall over;) ok, got through that, straighten and so on' ;)
Basically - straightness is his biggest issue, very likely the saddle, possibly his teeth and certainly the bit - we still haven't found the one he likes truly.

Fourth and last of the day was my friend's youngster who is getting better and better. Last time I rode him, about a month ago, he lacked that pushing power but boy is he getting it now! His suppleness has improved too and you can now actually encourage him to seek the bit a little. I've known him for a while and he had always felt as if his first question was 'can I go half the speed/using half-power?'. Well, today, it was like riding with a sports gear on! He basically took me for a ride for the first 20 minutes, was really powering forward and very strong. On a good note he is such a straight mover and is quite even in contact on both reins so balancing him is relatively easy. Being a big horse as he is he made it quite challenging for my 5'3 to connect him but there is certain quality emerging in the way he responds to the aids now, such a pleasure.
I am rubbish at keeping him together in canter on the left rein, I tend to collapse to the right, stiffen through my left hip and thigh which in turn misalignes me, makes me miss the first beat of the canter - as my left seat bone tends to lock - and takes the effectiveness of my seat away. Right rein was good, he sat on his back legs so much better than last time, giving me much lighter forehand to move around. Really like riding horses that are schooled the way he is being schooled, especially with no fiddling on the reins, makes riding so much more of an art rather than common street fighting.
And love his dressage saddle and arena mirrors!

2010 Radio Show Episode 15 - Riding for Endurance

The longest and most grueling equestrian sport and also one of the fastest growing, that's Endurance. Join us today as we speak to Vonita Bowers, Director of Endurance for the USEF about the sport and what we can look forward too in 2010. We also have lots of WEG news for you this week including paintings, winning geldings and cool WEG websites. Listen in...

2010 Radio Show Episode 15 - Riding for Endurance:


Tuesday 9 December 2008

Back on the island

I'm back. Very happy to have seen everyone but also pleased to be able to slot back into my teaching and riding routines. I will catch up with all the correspondence etc soon!! Very tired me today.

Monday 8 December 2008

Mainland Day 5

It's so hard to say all the goodbyes. I am so enjoying seeing my family and driving around messing about with my brother (who has taken to Turkish music after holidaying over there and is testing my sound pressure levels!).
I instructed Gran J. that she must keep cheating her illness so I can come and have all the jolly chats with her again in the spring.
I absolutely hate saying goodbyes. A few more to go through tomorrow morning.
Right, I better get should see how much stuff my dear parents want me to take with me...;)

Sunday 7 December 2008

Mainland Day 4

I spent most of my day on feeling like E.H.H.S....
E stands for emotional. H stand for helpless, second H stands for Happy, S stands for Sad. Go figure. Nothing bloggable today. I do have some pictures which I will add some time soon.

Saturday 6 December 2008

Mainland Day 3

Following second night with no sleep due to my fantastic cough I would really do with a break from it. On a good note it seems to be bearable during a day.
It's going to be a quiet day today I think. A friend of mine who knows me pretty well since forever and still likes me ;)) is picking me up in a bit and we'll go to sit somewhere and have a proper catch up on our whereabouts.
Then my dear brother is coming down too and I can't wait :)

Express Eventing - videos


I didn't...

...pass my latest exam which I did not expect to pass really so no surprise here. I will be re-taking it asap. Next time round I am hoping to have no colds and a clear head!

Friday 5 December 2008

Mainland Day 2

They say a picture says more than a 1000 words. So I am snapping now and then - the problem is I am yet to transfer the photos onto computer here without buggering said computer so I will add the pics once all is safely arranged for.
My cough is driving me crazy to say the least but it's slowly going after all the liquids my dear dad pours into me (no, not alcohol but various *traditional healing liquids*). One of them is made of onion (raw onion which I just cannot stand, makes me feel sick) - you cut it, you put it in a small ceramic container, cover with sugar and let the juices run for several hours creating a thick syrup. It's yuk but it works (or it's a placebo effect but either way who cares if it works).
I am being spoilt rotten. Got a smashing breakfast with freshly squeezed carrot juice to bed (I love carrot juice), watched some National Geographic tv with my mum (I love nature progs!) and I have to be careful that I don't get too lazy ;)
What else?
Bought a couple of fab breeches (the shop I always go to when I am here has some great German brands that don't seem to be sold anywhere else and are so comfy and warm - Kyron and Parkur) and spent a while browsing horsey stuff. Got some magazines and a book as well as per usual!

Also, just had a lovely roast chicken for dinner.
I'm still language confused. Keep putting English words in now and then.


Thursday 4 December 2008

From mainland...

After a bit of an adventerous flight I am at my parents' house stuffing myself with some food and catching up with everything that needs to be caught up on.
Shock, horror - everyone around is speaking Polish! I am finding myself mega confused (hehe), keep speaking English and people look at me in a funny way. It's not easy to just switch into a different language straight away (even if your native) after a year of barely using it.
It's not strictly true, of course I've been using it while talking to my family a few times a week but it's almost as if I got programmed into ONLY using it with family!
Anyway, I am getting there.
I'd only been here at parents' house a few times in the last 4 years, have to go through things I brought over from UK in the end of 2004! They stayed untouched for many reasons and I think it's about time I deal with them...
That's it for now, more later.

2010 Radio Show Episode 14 - Show Jumping Unraveled

2010 Radio Show Episode 14 - Show Jumping Unraveled

Show Jumping is the most popular spectator sport at the World Equestrian Games. We are joined this week by Sally Ike, Director of Show Jumping for the United States Equestrian Federation, who helps us to understand the qualifications and how the event itself is scored for the WEG. Also, there is a bunch of 2010 Games news this week, so take a listen.

Show Notes and Links:

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  • Regarding Horses reported on an interesting discovery found in the construction at the Kentucky Horse Park. Read more...

  • Learn more about the history of the Kentucky Horse Park.

  • Hopelessly Horseless reported on the Arabian Galleries that are being built for the museum at the Ky Horse Park. See the story...

  • The World Equestrian Games Foundation announced that it will allow a Tennessee Walking Horse demonstration at the 2010 Games. Read the entire story...

  • The New England Dressage Association named nationally-ranked and 2010 hopeful dressage competitor Susan Jaccoma as the 2008 award recipient of a $2,000 educational scholarship. See the story and a video of Susan riding...

  • Australian Eventer Chris Burton wins a four star event in his journey toward the 2010 Games. See the details...

  • Continuing our "Getting to Know the Disciplines" series we interview Sally Ike, Director of Show Jumping for the United States Equestrian Federation, about show jumping at the 2010 Games.

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