Friday, 5 October 2007

Golden Autumn teaching time

Despite a very hectic schedule the day was really satisfying. I had literally only spent about ten minutes in between cycling back from the office and running out of doors to catch the train in time for my 1.30pm lessons in Middlesex. Once there I could relax as Helen was having a mad week so instead of teaching I ended up schooling both Columbus and Rosie.
The sun was shining, horses snorting and I didn't have to rush anywhere - what a treat :)
The big man (pictured left rather tired after the schooling) worked his socks off and I made sure he really bent and flexed in all possible directions. We also did masses of transitions.

Rosie (pictured below, also after the session and sweating in her autumn coat) received a similar session; she started off rather stiff so I spent about 20 minutes in walk asking for very frequent transitions to halt, changes of rein and turns on the haunches.
Once she softened and walked eagerly we started trot work. I used a big field today with a few interesting little hills/ground undulations and made Rosie look for her balance while I transitioned her at every possible place. I counted 150 transitions in total. Her canter was delightful after that.
After Columbus and Rosie has gone to relax on the field I taught Connie. We worked a lot on her seat which needs realigning and strengthening. I wanted some well written 'homework' for Connie to read and a result of my search is this: ARTICLE ON UNDERSTANDING THE SEAT and MUSCLES USED IN RIDING.
If you have a look on the link don't hesitate to explore more articles on the website, they are truly engaging.

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