Monday, 22 October 2007

Now reading...

...a book lend to me by a friend. It is called : What Horses Say: How to Hear, Help and Heal Them

I have only started so cannot yet give my opinion on the content. I will drop a line once I have finished.
Talking about finished books, I have just read one that Ricky bough for me last Christmas. I know it is quite long time ago but because I was quite familiar with the author and the content I was putting it aside for a while.

Perfect Partners: How to Be the Owner That Your Horse Would Choose for Himself
There are a few things I didn't know so it was an interesting read. What really stayed with me is a little detail. Apparently, there is a research done on the use of small holes haynets (those that suppose to make the hay last longer)...
...and it has been found out that horses strain and twist their neck muscles in an unnatural way when they try to grab and pull on bits of hay. I don't know much about this research but the idea is interesting.
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