Friday, 11 April 2008

After long week in the "office"...'s the day off time! It was a hard week for me and I am feeling well and truly tired. It's a nice tiredness though, not the one you get from long hours at an office's desk. For some reason I ended up riding a lot of strong horses this week (do they just really have to get strong in the same time!?;) and ended up with a lot of muscle pain and strained thumb. Good job I am hacking Hamlet out today as I plan to just relax and work long and low.

After a nice lie-in this morning and a bowl of some exciting fruity weetabix I sat down to Ricky's computer in an attempt to watch some instructional videos on You Tube. There happened to be quite a few that drew my attention but after clicking in between the videos I started loosing the ones I wanted to watch again. So that is how I came up with an idea of EQUESTRIAN TRAINING VIDEOS BLOG :) At first I was going to keep it as my private blog but thought some of you may also like to have those videos grouped together. I will be adding whatever I find helpful either for teaching or just schooling on my own and the videos will illustrate training/competing in Dressage, Show-Jumping and Eventing.
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