Tuesday, 3 June 2008

One step at a time...

Despite getting drenched to the bone whilst teaching today things are generally pretty much positive at the moment which I relish indeed :) Hall-Place decided to have a go with the courses so we just have to see whether there will be enough people willing to have a go.
I hope there will!
This morning I also finally made a booking for the 2 day Equine Specific First Aid course which will be held on the 24-25 June. Once I have done this I am going to join the BHS Register of Instructors.
Another thing booked is my Stage III exam. I really wanted to take it at Wildwoods EC on the 3rd of July but they have no places left so I went for Trent Park on the 11th of August.
In fact, I wish my III Sports Class was valid in the UK as I could just skip Stage III and go straight to Stage IV ;)
Anyway, one step at a time...
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