Monday, 16 June 2008

Schooling the Big Man

After a lovely, long sleep (I only appreciate long sleeps when I am deprived of them for a while - the taste is fantastic :), breakfast in bed and some QT with my Dear (who, no would not want to go with me to 'do horses' today) I set off to Middlesex. I go there every other week to teach two lovely ladies with their own horses and to school Columbus - the Big Man!


Above: I do my Pilates stretches most days and today did them before the ride; Columbus spotted a polo next to my booklet and I had fun watching him investigating. Believe it or not he did not manage to scoop the polo off my bag, I had to actually serve it to him!

Our today's session was very successful and I must say I am impressed with his improvement. He is not the most clever of horses (ehmm) and you do have to explain things to him quite a few times and then again and then repeat ;)
I rode with some classical music in my ears today (plus 'garden State' and 'Lost' soundtracks to keep me calm and patient!) and it worked wonders. I seem to focus more when riding with music. It's almost as if the creative/feeling part of my brain gets switched off with double power.


Above: The Big Man tired after all the hard work.

The biggest problem Columbus have is stiffness in his body and most of my work is aimed at suppling him and making him more athletic. He is reasonably responsive and can get 'hot' and spooky at times which is actually good as I can use that surge of energy and channel it in the right direction.

I worked him a little longer today as he is getting marginally fitter so he was a tired chap afterwards. He needs it though as he is due some substantial weight loss!

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