Friday, 13 June 2008

Catch Up...

I apologise for lack of posts but life has been a bit busy recently and I just couldn't quite find enough time to write a proper update.
Here we go then: the most exciting thing in the pipeline turned out to be taken over by someone else. Last week, myself and someone who wants to invest in a yard with me, eyed up a nice competition centre for rent. It was reasonably close to London and although bigger than we would ideally want as our first venture it offered possibilities for what we want to do. After initial conversation with the owner we concluded it could just be possible for us to have a go but as it happened someone was quicker and grabbed the place from under our noses.
Well, we will keep looking around. Preferably, I would like to pass my BHSII exam before renting/running own place but if something suitable appears on the horizon again I won't say no!

Renting a yard is one of the two possibilities I bear in mind for my next move (after BHSII). The second is to find a very good, inspirational, challenging full-time teaching position at a well established training yard/livery/coaching centre. Considering I would want a serious opportunities for training/competing to accompany the latter and judging by what is currently available on the equestrian job market the search would be very much down to a mega luck!

Meanwhile, the confirmations of my place at Equine Specific First Aid course and Stage III exam arrived last night, all at the places I booked for so that's good. I wouldn't fancy being sent to another part of the country which does happen sometimes if there are cancellations or over/under subscriptions.

What else? A couple of days ago I received an enquiry from a mother of a potential new client and will be going to meet the rider on Tuesday. The place where the rider's is based is quite unusual, in London's Zone 1 and about 15 minutes away from where I live but I will leave it as it is for now since I don't even know whether I will go for it yet.
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