Tuesday, 29 December 2009

What is it about throwing stuff away that...

...makes you feel quite liberated?
I did a substantial tidy up today throwing away lots of old horsey magazines (which I seem to produce in mountains throughout the year) and other bits and bobs that I really don't and won't be using ever again.
It was also my first day back at work and typically I got soaked to the bone teaching in a pouring rain from 11am till evening. It rained without a single pause.
Really bad news from First Great Western trains - they are changing their peak and off-peak hours and Transport For London is raising fares from January 2010. Very, very bad news for me.
Looks like I will be forced into finally getting a car...! Something also tells me I will have to work even more to be able to pay all those expenses back. A bit of a worry.

My mission today is to go to sleep at a reasonable hour as I am becoming increasingly nocturnal. On one hand it gets a lot of things done but I am not sure if it's any good for my mood and energy levels during a day.
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