Tuesday, 22 December 2009

It's not just the cold...

I've just came back from work and let me tell you, if not for a hot water bottle and a heated fluffy toy (yes, I did open those presents Wendy & Suzanne - sorry! but blimey you two know what to give me!!!;) stuffed under my three jumpers, a coat and another coat I doubt I would live up to this moment - a hot cup of tea in a beautifully warm house!
It's OK when you do yard work or ride in between lessons but 11am-8pm outdoor teaching in -4C is a killer.
The biggest problem though it's not just the cold. It's all the disruptions in the road transport that I am really worried about (this is a town I need to get to tomorrow and the news don't look great do they: http://www.getreading.co.uk/news/s/2062984_drivers_abandon_cars_after_snow_hell)...

I am now going to submerge in hot bubbly bath and see what the morning brings weather wise. For the sake of my finances this weather had better calmed down...The thought of working few months a year in some sunny corner of the world suddenly appeals! Seriously!

PS. A video of French rider winning at Olympia International Horse Show 2009 - show-jumping in a beautiful style:

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