Friday, 23 July 2010

Guest Post From Kingsley

So basically guys I'm still lame. I think it's funny that my mum Pauline and my aunt Wiola haven't really had a chance to ride me properly for a single time since they bought me and that's just about a year ago. My life is pretty cool apart from when the vet comes and sticks needles into my pasterns [what the hell?] and when I need to stay in my room for god knows what. I like going out and hang around with my gang so being grounded is just no good.
Just so it's clear I am displeased about all this 'stay in your room' business I make sure all the rugs and anything left in my stable is thoroughly mixed with shavings, hay and my poo. I see to that all right and if a rug has no rips on it I am right there to add some.

From what I gather my left foot is pretty much buggered. I *know* I move my left fore in a semi-circle before it hits the ground but I really don't think it's any body's business to tell me how to walk or trot or canter. I like doing things my way and it annoys me when these two-legged creatures think they know better.

It's my right to be pampered. When my aunt comes she always calls me "Hello Trouble". If she thinks I don't know what that means she better think again. Sometimes I decide to ignore her and pretend I don't see her so she goes and gets a treat - I trained her well.
Mummy is different - she buys me all the great stuff so I always have a good look when I hear her. It's easy to deal with Mummy, she basically does as she is told. I know I'm always right.

Aunty gets cross if I barge into her and although I know it's wrong I like to test her now and then. Plus, it's not her who has to stay in her room for days on end so really she is no position to tell me how I should behave!

I get to be groomed a lot. Now, that's rather cool and I like it. My aunt says I'm a lazy pet horse and my mum calls me a giant hamster but to be honest I find it quite offensive. Whenever I'm not grounded I have a lot of stuff to do, places to see and rugs on my friends to rip so I am no lazy hamster thanks very much.

My situation is pretty grim from what I understand. Aunty told me today that IF I ever get better I will have a lot of hacking to do as there is no way I would be allowed to do my own thing. That's fine as I like hacking.
I'm also told I will have to go to the Horsepital which I don't think is funny at all. My mum wants to know what exactly is wrong with me and Mr Vet said I most likely damaged my collateral ligament. And I also have navicular disease but that you knew.

Last week my physio, Anna Johnson, came (yeah I do get physio of course) and apparently I'm tight in the back and hamstrings - really? Try being lame for (at least) a year and not be sore anywhere else...good luck!

So that's it for now guys. I've had my left foot re-xrayed and re-medicated with cortisone injections and if I'm no better in the next 10-12 days I'm off to Newbury for MRI. The joys. I just want to go and graze some grass!


And this is how Kingsley looked on the day I first went to try him.

August 2009 at seller's yard

And now: end of July 2010

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