Thursday, 1 July 2010

If all goes as it does I will need more motivational books than even Foyles can sell...

I should be packing for our departure to Cheshire now but I'm so tired I'd rather just waffle and update this blog ;) Tired seems to describe my general state of being recently. I wake up tired, work tired, eat tired and go to sleep tired. I *know* it's not good, believe me I do and I am perfectly capable of giving myself a telling-off pep talk. I then go off and get tired some more.
As you can guess this post is just a lot of tired waffle so you might want to wait for the next one to read any proper update on more interesting things.

Perhaps those of you who compete their horses and really love it can understand me here...I might not be competing but getting the Academy project off the ground feels like awaiting a big show. I know I should be resting and all but everything is just too overwhelming and over-absorbing (is this a word?). I can't mentally relax for all the ideas and "to do things" that play football inside my head.

To make things "better" I gave myself an enormous muscle spasm in the neck today. I took a group of beginners out and spent almost two hours with my head the wrong way round. It's no wonder that horses look lame and neurologically unsound if they have any muscle problems in the neck...
Amazingly, I taught a child in the evening whose mother is a Sports Massage Therapist (human ;) - OK, one lucky dip here! - so got a few tips on how to go about my new spasm friend. I'm therefore sitting here trying to drink lots of water, heat patch plastered on my neck and gentle stretches from time to time. I hope it goes by Saturday as I have to wear a dress and heels and I am not spending my second Sunday off this year with pain in the neck AND feet!

So this is all this post is about. Tired and quite sad, missing my family and...did I mention tired?
I'm hoping the next few days will revive me somewhat but the laptop is coming with me so I can finally finish the website content marathon.

Ricky's just announced my bath is ready so off I go. Speak soon!

This is how my evenings look like right now: video making, images choosing, txt choosing etcetera...
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