Thursday, 2 July 2015

Day 183: The magic of an afternoon nap!

Today is my admin day and I decide to catch up with everything properly and sort out my diary for the next several weeks.
I go through my riders' training notes and plan my lessons for the next few days, watch some educational videos I have been meaning to watch for a while and reply to 80% of emails that I have to sort through.

The weather is a little breezier today but still the temperature stays at about 27C (as opposed to yesterday's 35C) so there is a little more freshness in the air.

I do some house admin too, washing clothes and other exciting chores ;) Wait for Rick to finish his work and pop to the shop, buy some Mediterranean style ingredients and make a huge bowl of cold pasta/salmon/olives/tomatoes etc salad.

My plan is to read the book that I mentioned a few days earlier but tiredness catches up with me and I have a first real afternoon nap since childhood ;) I make a mental note to do it more often! Feeling refreshed and so much more awake!

More admin stuff for a few hours and rest time.

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