Tuesday, 28 September 2010


Before I tell you about today, a little digression....Judging by the amount of spam comments I get nowadays I am guessing my blog is coming up high on google searches. As content of this blog is obviously intensely erotic and includes variety of queries about sexual life I get plentiful of introductions to rather large selection of products that might (obviously) help me writing better posts.
Dear spammers - I appreciate your thought - some of you even try to use a word horse and riding in a strictly equestrian content - but as you can gather I have a 'comment approval' tool switched on on this blog. Save your time and mine and go somewhere else.

Another funky tool I have on this blog is a keyword analysis. It means I can look up what things you look up to find this blog. It is my pleasure to provide you all with comprehensive answers to your difficult queries.
Here are some of my favourites:

does carl hester have barefoot horses
i admire my riding instructor letter
what component of fitness would relate to Eventing of The World Equestrian Games
[someone can't be bothered to write an assignment heh??!]
muscles of the upper body
can i eat hay
why is my girth too long
tina riding little ponny free video


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Anonymous said...

It's a little weird to be able to see what people are searching for - my post on why horses bite people gets a remarkable number of hits every single day - and where the views are coming from.

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