Sunday, 21 August 2011

One summer day on the boat and a gift from Mongolia

For the second time we had the pleasure of a lovely boat trip on the Richmond parts of the river Thames yesterday. Thanks to wonderful Suzanne and Gary for hosting us :) The food was delicious and it was so nice to switch off and float in the sunshine :)

The Great Captain:

Ahh the scent of BBQ on an island - perfect addition to a gorgeous, lazy sunny afternoon :) 

Today, one of my Academy riders who has just returned from 3 weeks long trek - adventure in Mongolia brought this gift for me: 

It's to hang as an exhibit on "my own yard" one day. I like the idea! Right now it stinks like hell of goat's skin but loving the detail and the thought :) Thank you Emma x


English Rider said...

That Mongolian bridle does look rather "Fresh". (I had a crocodile handbag from Nigeria that was always an unfortunately aromatic accessory). Very interesting beginning to your collection though.

Anonymous said...

That's so sweet, such a lovely thought from Emma!

I'm obsessed with photography, and take photos of everything. I'm just wondering how you display your photographs like that on the blog?

On mine the only option is to put them in a list, basically. I'd love to display them more interestingly, like yours.

Unknown said...

English Rider - I can't even imagine a crocodile skin aroma :) and yes, the bridle is VERY fresh...Emma got it "new" from a market so it has never been on a horse. She said the used ones didn't smell so much, we shall see ;)

ciaranighabhann - I use Picassa :) It has a collage tool which I customise to fit the mood of the photos or my own. I love taking photos too but even more so I like playing with them afterwards!
I think any collage tool will be good - once done you save the photo as a .jpg and upload it to blogger as any other photo.
Hope that helps!

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