Friday 4 November 2016

September, October and now

Yes it's a Xmassy duvet cover don't judge ;) I love Xmas' vibe
About 6.45AM Jazz sits on my head. She knows my alarm is set for 7.05AM "Every Day", I swear she knows because she also knows other stable timings in her life like breakfast time, dinner time, time to go to muck out. But no, she likes to make sure I know that she is there and waiting.
If I try to ignore her, she places her nose right into my face until it becomes impossible to resist her and she makes me laugh with her persistence.

I take her out about 7.05AM anyway with hope that one day she will wait until the actual alarm buzzing. Now that the clocks have changed, I can see sunrises again. Different ones every morning. You would think there would be some repetition in the design but something is always different. If the sky looks similar, the temperature changes, if sky and temperature seem similar to another morning, there is a chilly breeze or the moon still hangs about. So on. So on. Never the same. Never boring.

We come back in about 7.30AM and have breakfast. I usually check my emails and respond to any urgent ones before about 7.45AM Jazz tries to sit on my head. Now, this time it's harder for her as I am sitting on the sofa or on a chair but she still tries. Even though she knows, I swear she does, that it's around 8.10AM that we go to muck out and turn out Leo not 7.45AM.
I resist her until she climbs and climbs and makes me laugh and we compromise and leave about 8AM.
She goes to play havoc with other yard dogs while I say hello to Leo, change his rugs, pick his feet out and turn him out.
Once he is out of his stable, Jazz usually runs in and makes herself at home on the straw. I shovel around her while she chases poop, strands of straw and her Dachshund friend, Billy.
It's a fun morning watching her so full of life and crazy about everything ;)

I never used to like to have "routines". I didn't want to live on subconscious actions, didn't want to have too many of those moments when you realise you've done something or got somewhere but wasn't sure how and when. I feel like that robs of life truly lived.

This kind of routine I do like, however. It doesn't feel like the switched off one. It actually makes me feel more awake.

The last two months that led to this routine were busy ones. Leopold The Last entered my life suddenly with a force of his cheeky personality and demanding training schedule. He makes me study equine anatomy again, read about where movement and restrictions originate, how to heal with healthy biomechanics.

I set up a Fund for Leo. I know it's not everyone's cup of tea but I love the idea of crowdfunding non-for-profit initiatives so here's mine. If you believe in this little Leo legacy project, please consider joining the Fund by donating, every little helps:

I update daily and post the updates either every day or every other day. 

Sending warm wishes to everyone who still pops in on here now and then :) 


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