Sunday, 14 February 2016

St Valentines Day...

You see, there are not enough soul mates in the world to satisfy the pockets of Valentine's Day cards and gifts sellers. We now have Valentine's cards for dogs, fish, horses and the neighbour who holds the post for us every week.

Touching when part of a true exchange of an ongoing affection, sad when simply a yearly duty. Uplifting and unique to each of us in principle. Wholesale in street version. 

A nice reminder nevertheless. Of the moments of special stillness and timeless value; days of golden sun rays that highlight all other colours but the raw pink of the burnt skin and days of rain that is soft, warm and aquamarine blue like in Disney movies and not transparent and cold like when you wait for a late bus. 

A reminder, an opportunity for conscious appreciation of the loved ones, friends and well wishers. 
A reminder to cherish a chance to experience what the romantics mean by meeting your soul mate. 

I don't know if karma exists, if astrology is real, if shit ever hits the fan. 
I don't know what I have done to deserve the kind of people I've been lucky to meet over the years. 
I know, however, the value of all the moments I have had with them. 
Moments no cards can buy and no technology can rewind. 


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