Wednesday, 23 March 2016

All That Jazz :)

Since our last family dog died in 2009 (more on him HERE) I have not had my own so Jazz's arrival into our lives has filled quite a void!

Jazz's first day at work ;) 
Little Jazz aka Jazzmin arrived on Sunday and just like that restructured my life and changed me from an evening person into a morning one ;) Or rather, into a zombie as I still struggle to fall asleep early but I know she will wake me up at 5am for her morning mini-walkies.

She is an adorable bundle of energy, so full of life, so genuinely happy and loving, it's impossible to resist her charm and even though she'd barely been with us for 3 days, I can't quite imagine her not being around!

Once her vaccinations are done, I will let her meet more dogs and horses and have a good run around but so far, she has been on little walks on the Stud near the cottage and hopped about a little on the yard at work. Done her first jabs today courtesy of a "delightful" vet who upon registering my name let me know they have a Polish nurse working with them but shame, she was away or she could talk with me...I will consider talking via translator next time perhaps. I also learnt that "I need to bring Jazz for Rabies vaccine at some point as all Europeans take their dogs home for holidays" - note that dear European friends. Possibly oddest conversation I have had for a while with a professional and I was tempted to respond in some way but thankfully have years of practice of just smiling and getting on with it all. Always good to be reminded about ones foreign status, isn't it? ;) As if one could ever forget.
Makes me feel sad for all those folks of various nationalities who live here in the UK for generations and still get the same sort of chat if they happen to have foreign family surname.

I wish my grandfather could have met Jazz. He was mad about hunting and gun dogs and I think he would have approved of my choice. We had these chats about breeds of dogs to get. I always wanted a husky, a spaniel and a german shepherd. He loved vizlas and spaniels of all sorts. Not that I intend to start shooting birds for recreation by the way ;)

As far as work goes, the riders are doing great job currently and riding very well, all my schooling ponies are feeling rather well too and I am getting the hang of the damn spreadsheets.

Have a good day/evening wherever you are :)


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