Wednesday, 13 April 2016

I found myself a "new" hobby ;)

Oh so you work with horses and you teach and that's also your hobby too? Ah yes, so it is. Oh, oh I see.
Cue a little worried expression on faces of non-horsey people as if the fact ones life evolves around horses was potentially a rare illness of sorts (which actually might be considering the amount of money it all costs to keep running ;) ).
Well, I am maybe not all lost to that illness because I seem to have stumbled upon a new-ish hobby without much trying. 
It amuses me how life runs in some bizarre circle or perhaps not at all and we only perceive it as such. I was brought up with grandfather whose greatest passion was hunting, wildlife and gundogs yet I have never appreciated the influence it may have had on me. The amount of stories from his days out I have heard, the amount of books and old hunting chronicles he left me - it could all fill in an audio and mainstream library. 
When something is such big part of your childhood it fills it up completely you no longer see it does, you take it as a given. Maybe it shapes you in ways that is impossible to predict and maybe many decisions you will make thirty years down the line, were all already made when you were 6 years old, wide eyed and immersed in stories. 

Jazz sleeping on me as I type ;) 

I would lie if I said I remember all the stories. All I really remember is how they made me feel: curious, awaiting some adventures, a little worried sometimes, excited some other times. I remember passion for observation of nature, of wildlife, passion for training. 

When I decided to buy Jazz it was a spontaneous act because she was the breed I favoured and wanted for a long time but let me tell you, I sure didn't think, fabulous, let's get a gundog and let's go hunting! 
I wanted an energetic, intelligent, happy dog that will last a day work with me and horses and do some working days in a field a few times per season.  

Jazzmine 2nd April 2016

And then I started reading more about gundogs training...and more...and more...(many thanks for recommendations of Pippa Mattinson book Kelly if you're reading this! :) ) and started seeing the incredible thinking cogs this breed has when experienced first hand. More so than I have expected. I've been obsessed with dogs for longer than with horses and have been around huge variety of breeds but this little pup, she's something else. 

So just like that, I find myself fascinated with the training that goes into producing a working Springer Spaniel so get ready for some Very Novice Gundog Owner Diary posts coming up ;) It actually feels great to be a beginner at something, I love learning and look forward to this new-ish hobby-adventure!

Until soon :) 

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