Tuesday, 1 July 2008

Need Your Help: Did you join ManageMyHorse after reading about it on this blog?

Some time ago I posted about this fantastic new site: blog entry on Manage My Horse.
I know for a fact (from the site owner), that quite a few of you joined Manage My Horse either via link on this blog or via the link on my website.
Now, here is the thing. Manage My Horse is running a competition in which a person who recommends the biggest amount of new members receives fantastic prizes (you can access the details on the competition after joining the site - registration and all features are FREE).
You see, most of these sort of competitions have prizes of no use to me but this one offers vouchers which, instead of original Dodson & Horrell feed prize, can be exchanged for training vouchers with the BHS. That I care a lot for!!

Therefore, I am after a BIG favour. If you joined/are going to join the MMH site after hearing about it on this blog or my website could you please please email me your name and phone number so the MMH owner can verify whether you are a legitimate member? (ridinginstructor at gmail dot com).

It's SO hard to pay for further training in this industry that those vouchers would be of amazing help to me.

Manage My Horse website is a very useful tool for any horse owner/rider/business person, it revolutionised my diary and how I budget my income/expenses. It helps to keep all the horse details handy and makes managing important dates (like worming, vaccinations, farrier visits etc) very easy. You can take a Tour on the website to learn about all the features available - there are lots.

What to do:

The way it works...

"Each member who recommends a friend that actually registers with http://www.manage-my-horse.com/ will need to keep a record of the name, email address and contact telephone number of their ‘friend’. Before the closing date, 15th September, entrants must send an email to the competition email address (emag@manage-my-horse.com) with the list of their friends (and the all important contact details) and which prize they are entering for. The winner will then be picked at random from these entrants. In the subject line of your email please add: Barnsby Saddle, Mark Todd vouchers or Dodson and Horrell vouchers.

Note: Each new member recommended will need to add at least one new horse profile, in full, to their new account before the closing date. The winners list will then be validated to confirm that they are true members before prizes are awarded."

I hope to hear from you - your help will be forever appreciated!!!
Wiola (ridinginstructor at gmail dot com)
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