Tuesday, 15 July 2008

Thoughts on the last few days

It was a strange week. This is mainly because I've seemed to think over and over again on some sort of ways and ideas for my next "career move" in the autumn so am walking in a bit of a bubble. I know a lot of things needs changing but although I do like variety I am not always a big fan of change. There is many things I like about my current workload and plenty of things I would miss if there were gone. On the other hand, there are things I don't like (like no holidays, no savings, no competing and a few more) and if I don't want to get stuck I need to move forward.

(Pic. View of my lap during lunch time - stable cat waiting for some leftovers ;)

It was a strange week also because... horses are horses. Columbus's owners are battling with lameness of their other pony and another person I teach there is on holiday so I had to miss them from my schedule. Another client's pony ended up with bad colic and is being retired.
Equestrian world is a funny one - horses need extra planning and good routine but truly you cannot plan much as they always keep you on your toes and make you move to your Plan B and C before you even managed to pull it together.

Speaking of togetherness, I am feeling very sorry for myself for not being able to spend time with my family. They are thousands of miles away and as I cannot afford to take time off work all I have of them are snippets into their lives through pictures, videos and phone conversations. As my young friend from Chicago would say, 'it sucks'.
My dear mum records all the equestrian events for me off EuroSport and sends me little packages every few weeks. She is a star.
Chatting over the phone is good but it's nothing like truly being there.

Pic. right. Another day, another lunch time - basking in the sun.

Riding is still non-existent. A few days ago I wrote about wanting to go for some full-time training. Well, I have been searching everywhere in the South East for a riding centre with a resident BD (British Dressage) Trainer but with no joy. They are either running livery yards and not bothering with riding centres or have their own professional yards. I wanted the set up to be such as it would create a possibility for me to teach and train in the same time.
My other thought was to go for BD Apprenticeship. However, it seems like it's dominated by teenagers living on-site and earning just enough for a morning bowl of cereal. I wrote to a couple of trainers in my area anyway to enquire about the possibilities, pay and level of training.
What I miss the most from my old show-jumping days is the quality in horse care and riding that you get on competition yards. It's something I grew up with and what for many years was my second nature. Riding schools have no desire no need to maintain such standards. Even riding school horses seem a different breed altogether.
Please keep your fingers crossed for a good training opportunity coming up - I am not getting any younger and it's very much a question of either now or never. Ideally, I would love to combine the training with my current teaching; will see how it goes.

When I am not raking my brains trying to figure out the best way forwards on my equine ladder I am having a great time indulging in my newly found little hobby - listening to audio books. Ricky has recently got one for me, the latest Jodi Picoult book 'Change of Heart'.
My Monday off was very much an audio adventure ;)
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