Saturday, 12 July 2008

The links of London

The transport at the weekends is ridiculously disrupted. I am finding myself on various buses hoping to get places on time. Sometimes I manage sometimes I don't. It's frustrating.
I wonder how long am I going to tolerate London's unhorsiness (I know it's not a word but you know what I mean). In the same time, I grew to like so many little places around where I live. There is some charm to it and you can just walk for 10 minutes from my door and get lost in a bird chatter (especially if you have my spatial awareness ;), the world of nutty grey squirrels, the peacocks, the little black rabbits. It's a classic love and hate relationship that I have with this city!
The best thing is to escape London each morning. Step out of the train miles away. Breathe in the fresh air mixed with the smell of horses.
And sometimes the best thing is to come back to the city's vibrant being in the evening.

I think I am being philosophical tonight ;)

On an equine note, I am desperately missing riding. Everyone has some sort of life-drug they need: chocolate, alcohol, sleep, lazy mornings, adrenaline, pub name it...I have riding. My days are filled with so many teaching hours I no longer have time for my own training. In the last three weeks I rode twice.
There will be work decisions to make very soon...
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