Tuesday, 24 August 2010

And the Good!

Onto the good and exciting parts of life!

The Academy project is still very much a project and although I've been sitting quiet with it due to my health it has brought me several new clients already.
I am working on ways of promoting it other than slapping a grand, boring advert in a magazine so stay tuned as I will share all the ins and outs.

We are now blogging on Horse and Country TV's website so please do visit and say hell0 (not sure how but perhaps you'll figure out??!). I will try to share the details of the whole project on there in form of a diary. Here is a link to my blog on there:

I've been on a mission to find some more interesting Guest Bloggers for the Academy blog and here are the new faces for you to get to know :) I hope you will enjoy reading their updates as much as I do.

In August, the Guest Bloggers include: Gary Diplock & Mind4Sport ( Gary agreed to share a great insight into Sports Psychology and importance of mental skills for ALL levels of riders) , UK Eventer Jeni Ball (Jeni runs her yard and loves to event), The Mystery Emma (who writes hilarious novel-like romance/yard drama) and US Eventer Cassidy Sitton (passionate rider, Eventer, Coach with a freelance job in advertising). Have a look at their posts on here: http://www.aspire-equestrian.com/blog/

I've also been busy trying to gather as much advice as possible from all the good will people who agreed to give it away.

Talking about good will people...one of my substantial debts was literally waved away by this amazing person and I really wish I could do more to somehow give much more back to all the extraordinary people who help me so much!
Perhaps one day.

Next month is looking exciting as I am off to watch Burghley as well as hopefully nursing myself back to health!

Pic.below: Craig and Spider (Just Ironic) - Spider is Burghley bound!

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