Friday, 13 August 2010

Good job horses read body language and a word about Academy's Blog

For the second time in my teaching life I have landed myself with a fabulous onset of laryngitis and today, I lost my voice all together. I could croak a thing or two up to yesterday but that's just about gone too. I can whisper.
For the last few days I have started my days actually saying to myself "Voice Test" only to hear some ninety-year-old like voice coming out of my throat. Not fun.
It's not painful until you try to talk when you have a full body workout trying to blow air into your larynx and make any sounds at all.
It didn't help that I only took one day off since it happened on Sunday and the 25 hours of teaching I've done in the last three days wouldn't have helped :(

Coupled with a mild cold this lovely condition leaves me rather exhausted and I hope it goes soon! Having had a hoarse chat with a nice lady in the Pharmacy yesterday it doesn't look like I have much meds choice and the best one is REST YOUR VOICE. She gave some lozenges which taste absolutely vile - they contain liquorice which I just can't stand. However, they do help a little so I will eat some ;)

Yard work today so nice silent body language with horses and then a whispering training day for Pauline on Saturday!

Anyone has any miracle, granny style recipes for getting my voice back??

Anyway. For all those who aren't on ever reaching Facebook but do visit the Academy's new website - I would like to thank you all very much as we've had almost 3000 visits in the first week of the launch :) It's probably not much in the grand scheme of virtual reality but it's good few for me and I am really happy someo
ne enjoys the site.

If you haven't noticed already, I've started a new blog on there which is going to hopefully be educational, inspiring and a bit different to this one. The Academy blog is based on a Guest Blogger basis so apart from myself and other Team members blogging I also invited numerous riders to share their experiences with everybody.

So far, we can follow the riding life of:

Casey Stickland

A sixteen year old rider from Australia who moved continents to pursue her Dressage dream. She is now based at Talland School of Equitation in Gloucestershire, UK. Casey blogs about her journey to become an International Dressage rider, the training and some great advice from her own lessons.
Well worth a read!

She is now at Summer Regionals at Addington as I type and will blog about her experience of it when she comes back. To read Casey's blog on Academy's site go to

Pippa Allan...

I met Pippa at Barnfield Riding School in 2007 and she rode with me for 3 years before deciding she wanted to try something fast & furious. Also sixteen, Pippa went to British Racing School in March this year to do the 9 weeks long Foundation course. She described it as the best time of her life! She is now working on a flat racing yard in Epsom but has some exciting plans worth following. She has a rather rough writing style which I decided to leave as it was (mostly!) because it adds authenticity and suits her well ;)

Candace Potempa

Candace is a delightful personality and a great friend of mine. Unfortunately, she lives rather far away - Chicago, Illinois, US! Candy works full-time and has recently bought her very first horse. She is show-jumping mad and has some wonderful experiences to share while she goes through the ranks with her mare, Flirt.

Some more great Guest Bloggers in the pipeline as well as some of Academy's Team members blogging about their training, teaching and competing:

If you like it, please help us spread the word about the Academy. Post a link to us, Become a Fan on our Facebook Page or click 'Like' button. Everything to do with promoting the Academy is done on a shoestring and it is only possible thanks to amazing help from some extraordinary people. I will tell you all about what we do to get the Academy out there very soon!

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