Sunday, 31 May 2015

Day 149: Communication

4th session with Oscar, first time relaxing in the arena in trot on the right rein

Day 149: Friday

This is a 4 year old I school for a client at the moment. He has had a difficult life with rough backing, injuries, lengthy box rest, more injuries, "something not quite right" issues, attitude issues etc. In one word, a lot to happen to a horse that young. 

In the last three months his owner finally managed to keep him sound and happy for long enough to resume his schooling. He is still getting a regular physio sessions and his ridden life is very varied with plenty of hacking, fun rides and general baby stuff. He goes into the arena with me once or twice a week. And he learns about putting fun into schooling ;) 

He is a very rewarding horse to work with. Even though we have a long journey ahead to help him become a supple, comfortable riding horse, he is now at the stage when he realised working with the rider in the arena can actually be reasonably enjoyable and he started communicating back with me. 

Groundwork with Oscar. I do 10-15min of in-hand work with him before getting on to help him relax to my aids and understand them better. Like this, I can introduce him to yielding and relaxation without the burden of a rider on board. He is a very stiff, braced type of horse so groundwork has had a super effect on him already. 

P.S. Big thank you to Caitlin for taking photos and videos today :) 

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