Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Day 147: Full on Wednesday

Full on day today with various different horses and riders. Great challenge to swap between a very wide range of experiences and abilities and adjust the training accordingly. The challenge I very much enjoy :) 

Morning with Lou and Freddie, a lovely sensitive horse with great range of movement who needs tactful riding. 

Shabby had his massage the day before and was found in a great shape bar some tension in the neck but considering how uptight he gets show jumping I was surprised that was the only issue. The superb news is that his overall flexibility has improved a lot as well as the state of his muscles through his hindquarters. Back in December his hindlegs worked quite asymmetrically so we've been focusing on helping him move straighter before we ask for anything more. 
Shabby is also an interesting case when it comes to bending. According to his chiropractor, he has some conformational issues through his ribs but the more relaxed he works, the easier it is to ask him for some curve throughout his body on both reins. 
I really enjoy watching this little horse learn, his trust in Emma's actions has always been good but now we noticed it has increased much more. This is our biggest training asset. 
Today, for the first time, he did entire session without a single one of his trademark shooting off moments (anxious reaction to something changing - from poll flexion, change of direction to a leg movement, anything "new" could be a trigger; usually we have at least one/two episodes). 

Shabby today - 27th May 2015 - in an easy, suppleness focused session post his body massage
Another first for Shabby today was to offer a stretch in canter and stay balanced enough to remain at a speed Emma asked for. It might take time with this boy but I am sure it will be worth it.

Now, I am off to tidy up the house a bit because I've been in and out for minutes at the time recently and the word mess doesn't even describe the current state of affairs here! 


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