Thursday, 7 May 2015

Day 125, 126 & 127: Writing further afield, keeping the beat and WiFi hunting

Day 125: Tuesday 5th May

I saw it a few days before the deadline and sent my proposal....


Putting aside the wonderful opportunity to connect with like minded people around the world. there is one more thing that makes me want to keep on writing, even if I am sure some, if not majority, of my written English must be rather lame and grammatically challenged.

I would like to try to share with you my reason.

Apparently, you can't teach anyone anything until and unless they made a decision (subconscious or conscious) to learn that very thing. Isn't that an incredible concept?
Say, if I would like to teach someone to change the way they ride - get them to use the reins to help the horse to shift his balance rather than to dominate the animal through learnt helplessness - they need to first abandon their previous beliefs, assume yours might have something in them, acknowledge a potential in the new technique, allow themselves to put trust in what you are saying, and finally then allow themselves to learn...

Now, that's a long way from instruction/suggestion to action...

So, you might say that the learner needs to somehow arrive at the learning path by the means of their very own idea...Somehow, the seemingly disjointed pieces of information have to form a vision of a bigger picture in which it becomes possible to place our very own puzzle.

You know, the "if you can see it, you can achieve it" sort of thing...

I feel like, if I write and share my experiences, somewhere someone might place them on a map of their own reality, look at it one day and see, that by adding some landmarks, some mountains, some woodlands, some cities...they now see a new path from A to B that they hadn't allowed into their vision.

I feel like, if I write and share my experiences, I too will find those new paths for to write about something you need to make yourself understand it, explore it in ways you maybe discounted before, see it not only as if with own eyes but with the eyes of others.


In that light, I am honoured to have been chosen to blog for Featured Team on HayNet :) I hope you will visit my posts on there, I will pop the links as and when they are published but in the meantime, do check the other bloggers chosen. A very interesting bunch of people who I am very much looking forward to following:

Day 126: Wednesday 6th May

Work with Shabby continues. The other horses work well too. We are mainly working on the rhythm, on keeping the beat, on finding the canter in which Shabby feels most confident, balanced and rideable.
I am using more "rider training props" like wings and poles to trigger rider's technique and thinking.

Day 127: Thursday 7th May

Today I am mostly hunting wi-fi connection since the one I have at home is malfunctioning badly and leaves me unable to keep up with online part of the Aspire world. I resigned myself to just assigning the whole day to catching up with all the crazy amount of emails and video uploads and feedback due accumulated since Saturday when the connection died. I have planted myself at a hotel lobby with this catch up mission. Could be worse. I have a nice view on the river and a reasonably fast wi-fi. Way to practice one's patience ;)


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