Saturday, 7 July 2007

Teaching in the sun and exams' results :)

Don't you just love the return of the sun??? :) I spent whole day teaching in the glorious sunshine and it gave me such a boost I am still full of energy in the evening! Last few weeks saw me soaked to the bone most of the time and all that kept me going was a thought of a hot bath in the end of the day!
Another great news of the day is that I passed my exams! I don't know the individual marks yet but it looks like I am a proud achiever of 60 credits ;) The modules I passed are Coaching Theory, Animal Nutrition, Horse & Rider Performance 1 and a half of the Biological Systems in Sport module (I still have one element to pass to close that last one so a 20 more credits in the pipeline!). Passing those exams feels great, it is just a shame I would not be able to continue next year. Unless a miracle happens...;)

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