Monday, 12 July 2010

Bad Blogger

Pic: Thirsty Kingsley. The 25-30C temperatures don't help the grass to grow...

There is a decent update coming very very soon. Right now I'm spending every waking hour either working or commuting or working. It's not fun. I'm tired and I had to change my alarms so they say exactly what day it is, where I'm going and what time I need to be there as I'm so out of it in the mornings I am pretty sure I would pop onto a wrong train going to a wrong yard.

Nearly 7 months of 7 day a week, almost non-stop work and dreadful commute has just about finished me off. July is the last month I'm continuing with this marathon and will be rearranging my work from August onwards.
Apart from trying to open my house door with my Oyster card, putting Kingsley's fly rug the wrong way round, waiting for kettle to boil while it sits on the kitchen counter AWAY from power supply, putting my face sun cream on my toothbrush and failing to video properly the Foundation programme Case Study riders on their Training Day (I managed to press ON for when the camera was not in use and OFF for filming)...well, apart from all that I'm doing great ;)

I'm counting days till the Academy website finally goes live so I can sleep again and rest again.
Proper update as soon as possible!

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English Rider said...

Hang in there, it will all be worth it.

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