Saturday, 23 January 2010

The weather, bibs, gloves, Equine Dental Technician and a cup of tea

Pic.above: Thanks to uncooperative nature of my Mobile's camera I have actually managed to take this rather interesting photograph. It was taken on my today's hack. Poor woodlands, soaked.

Work has returned to 80% of normal but there are some worrying forecasts about the snow returning again in February. I've never really been as tuned in into weather checking as I am now! Either way there seem to be no danger of climate deteriorating in the next 5 days and I guess there is no much else to do but to take it 5 days at a time!
Just so we don't get bored with uneventful weather we are given a constant supply of fresh rain water.
Kingsley puts his Premier Equine Winter Buster 450g to some extreme tests! I must say, many other rugs would be now soaked through and unusable but this one, although has taken a fair amount of dragging around, is still in an amazing shape. Would definitely recommend these rugs - super fit, good length giving generous belly cover and super materials, both inner and outer.
The Premier Equine rugs are also very well shaped around the shoulders which cannot be said about some other rugs we have. They rubbed his shoulders bare so I had a little look around and found this: Bossy Bibs. Pauline bought him one and he's been wearing it for the last few days.
This is his left shoulder before we put it on:

He's been wearing it since Wednesday and when I looked at the patches today I could see a tiny stubble of fresh hair regrowing. Quite amazing really. The material is silk like and very light. I will take another photo in a couple of weeks so we will see if there is any marked difference.

My hands are crying. No joke, the weather jumping from very cold to damp, back to cold, all the rugs etc being constantly wet (I seem to spend most of my days either washing something or hosing something down, de-mudding then again washing...). I try to always wear gloves of sorts but they end up soaked all the time (and please no one tells me the Mac Wets don't get wet...well, they do!). I don't remember it ever being so bad, my skin must be getting old and fragile ;)
Either way, I think I'm going to have a hand spa evening tonight! Anybody knows of some super gloves that won't get wet straight away but are OK to ride in, teach in and do horses in?

On Thursday Kingsley saw a dentist and having his teeth done was one of the best moves so far. He had very sharp edges all round but somehow managed to avoid mouth sores and ulcers. I read somewhere that sharp teeth can lead to poll pain which is interesting as he has had low level pain in that area.
The best thing about having the teeth done is an amazing, immediate, positive change in the way he accepts the bit now. He salivates and mouths the bit now, no weird neck twisting malarkey, no hard pulling when he is asked for flexion. Having said that, he still doesn't accept that well but the EDT said to give him up to 10 days to get used to new pain-free mouth before re-thinking the bitting.

Ok, that's it for now, I want to prepare a few things to work on for my Sunday riders. I am looking forward to my teaching there, not only do I have some super clients but I can sit down with constant supply of hot drinks which actually does wonders to my enthusiasm. Instead of constantly thinking how incredibly cold I am and how desperately I would want to have a hot cup of tea I can focus on my riders and everybody benefits from it ;)


HorseOfCourse said...

Your hands.
There are thin cotton gloves to be bought at the pharmacy.
Get a cheap olive oil. Soak you hands in it and put the gloves on before you go to bed.

If they are really bad (exzema looking) you might need a more effective cortisone based cream. I assume there are some non-prescripted ones to get in the UK like here.

Unknown said...

Ooo, thank you for that, I will have a look for those!
They are not that bad to the point of exzema, just chuffed around fingernails and can't get that to heal due to them being permanently wet and cold.

I put tons of cream on last night and just sat with my hands up unable to do anything and waiting for it to absorb;) It made a massive difference already though. Easy day for my hands today as been teaching in the dry all day and it definitely helped.

Cotton gloves are going on shopping list.

Rising Rainbow said...

Wiola, your hands sound just like mine and for the same reasons. I'm going to try HOC's remedy as well. My hands could sure use some serious help.

Unknown said...

Hi Mikael, definitely have a go - it's working :)

dental said...

I have visited this site and got lots of information than other site visited before a month.

Harriet said...

I've recently started to care for my horses teeth myself routinely using Carbide Saw Blades (and of course with the help of a seculum) to maintain my horses teeth. The tools are relatively inexpensive now and some good dentists will show you the basics and what you can do to help maintain your horses good teeth.

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