Friday, 5 November 2010

Reason for not writing much... that I am battling with all sorts of other computer stuff. I have so much still to do with the Academy's Case Studies material that I barely know where to start each time I get my hands on it.
The moment I have a nice time when it feels like I know what to do with all the footage, what to write and how to put it all together that time runs out and I need to run to do another thing (like go to work;).

There is so many things I wish I could moan about but I learnt it's best not to ;)

For those of you who are interested here is the first Case Study material I put together for Academy's blog preview:

Now I "just" need to add all the video descriptions, add remaining videos and pictures and hope it does say enough about what we do and how exciting it all is!


Anonymous said...

Hi there..Debi here. Saw the improvement in Kingsleys feet, dare we say yay? Things are winding down for this season around here, one more week! Perhaps I can finally get my webpage updared and make some kind of a dent in the office. As soon as I expand the stable I will put the office in there, once I walk across the drive and enter"residence area" I seem to shut down and crash till 4:30 am when it all starts again. So hats off to you that you get as much done as you do once you get into the cozy comfy confines of home!! Are you having decent weather? I will have to put wood chip footing down next year, too much down time due to WET conditions, we were getting around 3 to 5 inches in a week, and then blessedly none for 2 or 3 weeks, if I can run this place in this weather, next year should be a breeze. Still want to win the lottery, massive indoor here. Talk soon, Debi xxx

Unknown said...

Hello Debi!
Argh, sounds really tiring and I hope the weather doesn't spoil your plans too much! I must say the autumn is still rather pleasant here, golden, bright, dry, warm and beautiful :) Apart from some odd gloomy days now and then I can't complain.

I have some amazing news I can't really blog about yet and I am just keeping absultely everything crossed it does work out this time.
There are days when, if I didn't believe in my Academy project so much, I really think I would look for another job...But my whole heart is in this project so I can't.
I really wish you the winning ticket...and one for me would be nice too.
Looking forward to seeing your webpage updated! Xxx

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