Saturday, 6 November 2010


I don't normally get enthused with racing world and if pushed I would probably even be slightly on the against side but whatever you say about racing you can't deny the enormous passion and emotions that always go with it.

I've been following Zenyatta's victories for just a few weeks but she is such a beautiful horse that you can't help but admire the way she just eats the ground and charges in the last few seconds.

I won't be putting any bets but I am looking forward to watching that race tonight. I hope she finishes safe and sound...



English Rider said...

I believe a lot of her quality comes from being allowed to mature slowly. They didn't start her until she was three. She didn't come first today but she will always be a winner. She runs with such joy from start to finish.

English Rider said...

I vote for a pairing of Zenyatta with Moorlands Totillas. What an event horse that would make.

Unknown said...

Ha ha yes, that would be a rather interesting combination!

She was so close to be first but it was basically a tie so still an incredible run.

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