Monday, 4 May 2015

Day 123 & 124: Quick catch - up

My internet connection is currently taking the mick and I am stranded in between a lot of loading information and trying to sign in and failing miserably.
Sunday was a bliss of rest. I finished the Hunger Games Mockinjay and I am now half way through the book I picked up at random at a tack shop last week. It's a life story of Lars Sederholm told by his daughter, Tina Sederholm, and a great insight into a life of a very successful coach. I will write more about it when I finish reading it.

Sunday with a book :) 
Today brought some successful training in the morning. I forgot it was a Bank Holiday today and was somewhat surprised by the quiet aura at the station until I remembered and the thought occurred to me that there might be no trains to my destination at all.
Then, the ticket machine decided it didn't like the £20 note I was trying to feed through it. I tried several times oblivious of the man at the machine next to me until he offered a swap.
You know when you are in the middle of something and someone asks you a completely unexpected question and you look at them as if they just asked if it's ok if you rob a bank together? That.
When my brain computed his offer I agreed and swap my tired note that had spent some time crumpled in my pocket for his brand new one that felt as if he had ironed it especially for the occasion.

As I slide the note into the machine, the thought occurs to me that perhaps he just gave me some false, Monopoly money. No trust in humanity ;) It's ok. The ticket pops up and the train arrives.

Frustratingly, the internet connection continues to play up back at home, showing up for a moment to disappear the next and I am stuck in a loop of downloads and uploads of the now back logged videos from Saturday onwards.

I hope it's temporary as usual.

It's 20:34 right now as I hit the publish button, I hope this little post manages to slide in between some narrow openings between the working and failed mega bites.



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